Psychological Service

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Educational Psychologists can offer assessment, advice and support to parents and teachers where there is a concern about the development, learning or behaviour of children.

The service also carries out an extensive range of work in relation to children and young people by operating at three levels within the Local Authority, namely that of the individual young person/family, the level of the school/establishment and that of the authority. In addition, the service also makes a contribution to the development of Educational Psychology nationally.

For Service information select the links for  children and young people or Educational Psychology assessment.

In June 2015, The Psychological Service took part in Validated Self Evaluation supported by Education Scotland. This was a welcome and useful opportunity for all. Please see our VSE report. You may also find the following information useful:

Educational Psychologists are often involved in the assessment of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. Please see our assessment guidelines.

The new guidelines for educational establishments working with young people at risk of suicide and self-harm as well as the accompanying leaflet.