Newly Qualified Teacher information

Newly Qualified Teachers in East Dunbartonshire

Under the terms of the McCrone Agreement, 'A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century', newly qualified teachers are given a guaranteed one year training position within the Council. During this year, the newly qualified teachers must demonstrate their ability to meet the requirements of the General Teaching Council's Standard for Full Registration.

Newly qualified teachers have a reduced teaching commitment of 0.8 and participate in an induction programme, organised by the Council.

As part of the induction programme, newly qualified teachers meet regularly for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This covers topics such as:

  • classroom organisation and management
  • behaviour management
  • additional support needs legislation and racial equality legislation

Self evaluation, reflection and communication are integral to all CPD.

An essential part of the induction year is the support provided to newly qualified teachers by experienced members of staff within the schools. Each newly qualified teacher will have a designated member of the teaching staff who will act as their supporter throughout the year.  

The Newly Qualified Teacher Coordinator is a member of the Council's Education Quality & Development Team, based in Southbank House, Kirkintilloch.

Further information about the Newly Qualified Teachers' Induction Scheme can be found on the General Teaching Council (GTC) website.