School placing requests

As a parent/carer you have the right to ask for your child to be educated in a school other than your catchment school.  If you wish to make a school placing request for your child to more than one school, the Council will only consider the first-named school. This duty is defined by the Education (Scotland) Act.

There are sound educational reasons for trying to ensure that the transfer or admission of children to a new school takes place at the start of the school session. We strongly advise all parents who are considering making a request (other than those who are moving home to a new area) to do this.

Every effort will be made to try to meet your wishes but it is not always possible to grant every placing request application made to each school.

How to Make a Placing Request

Requests for children looking to commence their education at the requested school from August 2021 will be available from January 2021 and the closing date will be 15 March 2021.  Any application received after 15 March will be considered a late application and will not be considered until after 30 April 2021.

If applying for a Mid-Session placing request for session 2019/2020 the Council has two months from the date of receipt of your request to notify you of a decision.

It should be noted that where a successful placing request is madeyouas a parent/carer must accept full responsibility for the arrangement and cost of transport to and from the school.

You must complete an application for each child/young person. Please ensure that all sections of the form are completed.  This will assist the education office in prioritising your request.

Placing Requests – 2020/21 

Details on the Placing Requests submitted for the school session 2020/21 are as follows:

  • 53%  Placing Requests were accepted
  • 47%  Placing Requests were refused

Analysis report


Placing Requests – 2019/20 

Details on the Placing Requests submitted for the school session 2019/20 are as follows::

  • 66% Placing Requests were accepted
  • 34% Placing Requests were refused
  • 25% of the refusals were appealed and heard at the Placing Requests Appeal Board
  • 3% of all appeals were upheld by the Appeals Panel.

Analysis report