Community Grants Scheme/Grants Advisory Committee

The Community Grants Scheme is one of the ways that the Council provides funding to the community and voluntary sector. Any group that has a constitution, a bank account, is not for profit and aims to bring benefits to the residents of East Dunbartonshire can apply to the grants scheme. You do not need to have charitable status to apply.

Applications for grants are assessed against the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) which sets out the priority outcomes for East Dunbartonshire and focuses on improving public services across the authority. 

Community groups across East Dunbartonshire are being asked for their views on the Council’s Community Grants Scheme Please visit the Community Grant Consultation webpage

On this page you will find information on:

These priority outcomes are:

  • East Dunbartonshire has an expanding economy with a competitive and diverse business and retail base
  • Our people are equipped with knowledge, skills and training to enable them to employment
  • Our children and young people are safe, healthy and ready to learn
  • East Dunbartonshire is a safe and sustainable environment in which to live, work and visit
  • Our people and communities enjoy increased physical and mental wellbeing and health inequalities are reduced
  • Our older population are supported to enjoy a high quality of life and our more vulnerable citizens, their families and carers benefit from effective care and support services

Grants Advisory Committee

The Grants Advisory Committee or GAC, as the group is better known, was formed in 2003. The committee’s role is to assess grant applications made to the Community Grants Scheme run by East Dunbartonshire Council.  The group of 25 volunteers provide extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that the decisions made regarding funding make the biggest difference to the communities of East Dunbartonshire.

Members of GAC represent community groups and organisations across East Dunbartonshire.  Meetings are chaired by an elected chair or vice-chair and to consider and provide advice on projects submitted on each round. If you are a member of a local community group and are interested in joining the GAC please get in touch:

How to Apply

We recommend that applicants read the Community Grants Guidance Notes before they start and refer to the help notes while filling out the application form. 

Your application must be submitted via the webform or alternatively you can fill out the pdf version at the bottom of this page that you can fill in and email to

Fill out the form

Please note the online form must be completed and submitted in one sitting – you cannot save and return to it, therefore it is important that you first read the grant guidance to fully understand the eligibility criteria on what we can and cannot fund.

Eligibility for Applying

  • Be a voluntary/community group with a minimum of three members
  • Have a group constitution
  • Produce independently examined accounts annually (or be able to provide an estimate of income/expenditure for the first 12 months of operation)
  • Have a bank account in your group’s name

We must receive all your enclosures (constitution, accounts, statements, quotes/estimates) by the grants deadline or we will not progress your application:

What we can fund

You can apply for a grant for a wide range of purposes as long as it is not for profit and brings benefits to the residents of East Dunbartonshire. In your application, you can ask for funding for:

  • start-up costs
  • special projects
  • equipment
  • salaries
  • running costs

How your application will be assessed

Applications are assessed by the Grants Advisory Committee who make recommendations to the Community Planning Partnership Board for approval of the grants which they believe should be awarded.  The Grants Advisory Committee meets two times a year in line with the two rounds of the scheme.

Applications will be assessed on the following areas:

  • The project should meet at least one of our 6 priority outcomes listed above
  • What difference your project will make to people
  • Who is your project targeting and how many people will benefit
  • Previous funding awards have been spent / appropriately used
  • The project is inventive – applications should consider Covid-19 restrictions when applying for funding to support activities

Please note arts related projects are required to apply to the East Dunbartonshire Arts Council in the first instance.

Application Rounds

This grant fund is currently closed. Opening and closing dates for the financial year 2023/24 will be updated in due course.

Monitoring and Evaluation 

If successful in receiving a grant, at the end of the year when your project is completed you need to send us a monitoring form.  You can use the form within the document section of the page or complete our online form.

Case Studies

Projects Funded by Community Grants in Round 1, 2021-22

Name of group Purpose grant Final award Target group
1st Lenzie Boys Brigade Equipment for outdoor group activities £2,002 Young People
Auchinairn Parent and Toddler Group Storage Shed for equipment £1,400 Pre-Fives
Babes in the Wood Bishopbriggs CIC Running costs (rent and staff costs) £3,000 Pre-Fives
Baldernock Community Development Trust Leaflet for Baldernock Community £400 Other
Bearsden in Bloom Benches £2,000 Volunteers
Bishopbriggs Community Council Christmas Lights for Auchinairn £3,000 Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations
Campsie Memorial Hall Trust Running costs for premises £2,560 Other
Creative Care Scotland Roof repairs £1,500 Older People
East Dunbartonshire Women's Aid Emergency Household items and resources for children £3,000 Other
FACT Christmas activities £800 Other
Gavin's Mill Community Project Electrical upgrades for premises £1,240 Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations
Lenzie After School Club Rainwear for children £200 Sports / Young People
Lenzie Community Development Trust Volunteer expenses and gardening equipment £755 Volunteers / People with Support Needs
Lenzie Parent and Toddler Group Venue hire and playleader fees £1,500 Pre-Fives
Lenzie Woodhead Gymnastics Club SCIO Gymnastics equipment £1,810 Sports / Young People
Love Lenzie Association Website development £600 Other
Milngavie and Bearsden Swimming Club Swimming equipment £1,500 Sports / Young People
Milngavie Old People’s Welfare Committee Catering and Utilities costs £1,100 Older people
Milton of Campsie Scottish Women’s Institute Running costs for premises £500 Older people
Monday OAP Club Christmas Outing and Meal £300 Older people
More than Fibro (SCIO) Support to East Dunbartonshire residents £300 People with support needs
Open Water Rescue Box trailer £2,000 Other
Speech Language Communication Company Set up costs £3,000 Young People
St Andrew’s First Aid Equipment including first aid manuals £2,000 Young People / Volunteers
Stitch-ED (Stitch East Dunbartonshire) Set up costs £451 Older People
Sunshine Wishes Children's Charity Emergency household goods £3,000 People with no or low income
The Giant Red Phonebox Ltd Concept Design Plan £2,000 Other
The Glasgow Group of the Riding for the Disabled Association Equine therapy sessions for ED residents £2,800 People with Support Needs
The Woman’s Group 2021 'This is Me’ Project £700 People with Support Needs
Torrance Pre-fives Running costs including arts and crafts supplies £500 Pre-Fives

Projects Funded by Community Grants in Round 2, 2021-22

Name of group Purpose Grant Final Award Target group
175th Glasgow (1st Bishopbriggs) Scout Group Camping equipment £2,134 Young People
1st Auchinairn Brownies Running costs including badgework subscription £400 Young People
1st Auchinairn Rainbows Running costs including badgework subscription £400 Young People
1st Lenzie Girl Guides Guiding activities £325 Young People
1st Lenzie Girls Brigade Crafting equipment £300 Young People
1st Torrance Rainbows Group outings £150 Young People
Antonine Theatre Group Fort Theatre refurbishment works (painting and wifi) £1,900 Arts / Young People
Auchinairn After School Care Ltd – Forest School Forest School Open Days £2,394 Pre-Fives
Auchinairn Parent and Toddler Group Outdoor play equipment £1,500 Pre-Fives
Bearsden in Bloom Planters £500 Other
BetterBriggs Sessional Caretaker costs £2,000 Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations
Bishopbriggs Tennis Club Refurbishment of Clay Courts £1,300 Sports / Young People
Bishopsgate Residents Association Outings £200 Older People
Caldwell Halls Trust Storage room conversion and Utilities costs £1,000 Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations
Contact Point in East Dunbartonshire Running costs for premises £2,000 People with Support Needs
Creative Care Scotland Running costs including heating and lighting £1,800 Older People
Creative Spark Theatre Arts Percussion Project Sessions £2,000 Arts / Young People
Creatovators CIC Christmas Playscheme (Dekko Workshop and Gifts) £800 People with Support Needs
Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland Support for ED Clients £3,000 Other
Daybreak Chair Aerobics Sessions £300 People with Support Needs
EDICT Art Therapy Sessions £2,300 Young People
FACT SCIO Outdoor Play Equipment £2,300 Young People
Fresh Start in East Dunbartonshire Essential home items (women exiting refuge) £700 Young People
G61-G62 Community Response Gardening supplies £757 Older People
G64 Community Support Volunteer Costs / Events £1,300 People with Support Needs
Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth ASC Professional water polo coaching including equipment £2,300 Sports / Young People
Kirkintilloch Camera Club New Fire Door £620 Older People
Kirkintilloch Men’s Shed Running costs including utilities £2,000 Older People
Kirkintilloch Skate Park Initiative Mobile Skate Park including equipment £2,500 Young People
Lenzie Woodhead Gymnastics Club Gymnastics equipment £1,000 Sports / Young People
Lenzie Youth Club Equipment and Coaching courses including First Aid £800 Sports / Young People
Milngavie Community Development Trust (MCDT) Milngavie Week (printing costs) £750 Other
Milngavie Football Club Equipment £1,500 Sports / Young People
Milngavie Old People’s Welfare Committee Aluminium tables £2,500 Older People
Milngavie Pipe Band Travel for Pipe Band Competitions £1,900 Arts / Young People
Monday OAP Club Summer outing £499 Older People
Mother’s Union St Cyprian’s Branch Women’s Refuge Residential Break £500 Volunteers
Rookie Rockstars Staffing costs £2,000 Young People
Scotia ASC Head Coach costs £1,800 Sports / Young People
Scottish Families affected by Alcohol & Drugs Group activities including transport £1,152 Young People
St Mary’s Nursery Outdoor soft play flooring £2,500 Pre-Fives
Stitch the GAP SIC Sewing class sessions £2,000 People with Support Needs
Twechar Allotment Gardens Association Feasibility Study £2,000 Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations
Twechar Senior Citizens Club Outing including kitchen equipment £800 Older People
Westerton Over Sixties Club Summer outing including running costs £200 Older People

Community Grants success story