Community Learning and Development Plan 2021-24 Consultation

canalThis consultation is now closed.

Community Learning and Development (CLD) is a way of working with and supporting individuals and communities to make improvements in their lives and their local environment.

CLD practitioners do this in a number of ways, whether it's through community-based learning or community action.

The CLD Planning Partnership has been developing a three-year plan for local learning opportunities and community capacity building for 2021-24.

There is a draft version of the plan available that was approved for consultation by East Dunbartonshire Council in September 2021.

Our CLD Plan includes actions in relation to identified needs such as improving skills for learning life and work, particularly amongst vulnerable or disadvantaged groups, or supporting volunteering and the development of existing and new community groups in East Dunbartonshire. Like the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan there are six themes to the CLD plan.

Within those there are 22 priority areas outlined for the next three years. We would really welcome your feedback on whether staff and stakeholders involved in creating the CLD Plan have got these 22 priority areas correct.

Provide your views on the plan consultation here. (NOW CLOSED)

The CLD Partnership is made up of a range of Council services and other partners who offer CLD locally including: