Traffic Regulation Orders

Certain regulations, restrictions and limits are applied to the road network in the form of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). Those orders help East Dunbartonshire Council meet our responsibility for maintaining the network and ensuring the safety of all those who use it. The measures covered by those orders are:

  • parking controls - for example, yellow lines and parking places
  • moving traffic - for example, speed limits, bus lanes and one way streets
  • changing how the road is used - for example, footway, carriageway and cycle track
  • temporary measures for roadworks and public safety.

Order for the period covering Thursday 8 February 2024 until 25 March 2024

Canniesburn Toll Roundabout

Canniesburn Toll Roundabout And Northwestbound Carriageway Of Maryhill Road, Bearsden

Order for the period covering Tuesday 12 March 2024 until 16 April 2024

Proposed Statutory Designation of Disabled Persons’ Parking Places

Order for notice that comes into effect from 01 July 2024.

Variation of off-street parking charges