Street names and numbering

The Council is responsible for street naming and numbering in East Dunbartonshire. 

Street Naming and Numbering in Scotland is carried out in accordance with The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 - Section 97, street names and house numbers.


The Council charges £108.16 to name a new street and £86.53 for numbering new plots. There is a sliding scale for larger developments, including flats which are as follows:  

Units Cost
1 unit £89.99
2-5 units £134.98
6-10 units £224.97
11-20 units £337.45
21-50 units £562.43
51+ units £1,124.86

Payment must be made in advance by calling 0300 123 4510 using debit or credit card. Alternatively attach the completed  form to an e-mail or post enclosing a cheque.

If the Council needs to provide official confirmation of the correct number of an existing property this will cost £86.53.
Under the terms of the legislation the Council is required to:-

  • Give the street a name as they think fit; and in accordance with the National Conventions for Scotland
  • Alter the name of an existing street where necessary and in accordance with the National Conventions for Scotland
  • Advise developers of new streets that a Planning Condition will be applied to ensure that they affix street name plates at a location agreed with the Roads Department and the Data Custodian, and that such plates are clearly legible to the public
  • Repair and replace street name plates where theft or damage occurs
  • Give premises distinguishing numbers in line with the National Conventions for Scotland
  • Alter the numbers when necessary; and
  • Require the owner to display their number on the premises

It is the Council's responsibility to inform the emergency services, utility companies, Ordnance Survey, the Assessor and other public bodies of any changes to street names.

It is not permissible to include any kind of punctuation in the naming of a street. It is also considered bad practice to name a street after a living person or to include the full name of a person in the name of a street. The use of the number 13 is also considered undesirable.


The Council is not responsible for the allocation of postcodes. These are issued by:

Royal Mail
Address Management Service Centre
Castle Foregate