Litter picking and street cleaning

You can report any litter picking or street cleaning issue within our town centres, roads, pavements residential areas and open spaces.  

Please use this form to report litter picking and/or a street cleaning issue. If any needles/syringes, or broken glass in a play park have been found please call us on 0300 123 4510 and our officers will aim to remove the item(s) within a couple of hours. If you submit this form out of normal working hours our officers will not receive any reports until the next working day.

Out with the above location, we aim to remove broken glass within one working day and street bins are emptied weekly. 

Please note we only remove litter, fly tipping etc, from council owned land, and do not remove litter, fly tipping etc, from private ground. This is the responsibility of the land owner.


Person collecting litter and putting into a bag