East Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership Board


The East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership Board is a legal entity in its own right created by Parliamentary Order, following ministerial approval of the Integration Scheme.  It is accountable for the stewardship of public funds and is expected to operate under public sector best practice governance arrangements, proportionate to its transactions and responsibilities.  Stewardship is a major function of management and, therefore, a responsibility placed upon the appointed members and officers of the Partnership Board.

The Health & Social Care Partnership Board positively promotes the principles of sound corporate governance within all areas of its affairs. Its Audit Committee is an essential component of the governance of the Health & Social Care Partnership Board detailed within its Financial Regulations.

The East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership Board has established this Performance, Audit & Risk Committee as a Committee of the Partnership Board to support it in its responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance and associated assurance through a process of constructive challenge. The terms of Reference for the Audit Committee reflect the span of responsibilities of the Partnership Board and requirements of its approved Financial Regulations, i.e.:

  • The Strategic Plan.
  • Financial plan underpinning the Strategic Plan.
  • The operational delivery of those integrated services delegated to the Partnership Board (except for NHS acute hospital services).
  • Relevant issues raised by the internal auditors of the Health Board, Council and the Partnership Board.’

Dates to be created thereafter to hold the papers for specific meetings. These papers relate to the 21st September 2018.

HSCP Board Membership

Board membership
Voting members from the elected members of the Council Voting members from the non-executive directors of NHS GGC Health Board
Councillor Alan Moir Jacqueline Forbes (Chair)
Councillor Sheila Mechan Ian Ritchie
Councillor Susan Murray (Vice Chair) Margaret McGuire

Non Voting Members

Voting members
Title Name
Interim Chief Officer Caroline Sinclair
Chief Finance & Resources Officer Jean Campbell
Acting Chief Social Work Officer David Aitken
Clinical Director Vacant
Acute Representative Adam  Bowman
Trade Union Representative Tommy Robertson
Trade Union Representative Andrew McCready
Carers Representative Jenny Proctor
Service User Representative Martin Brickley
Voluntary Sector Representative Gordon Thomson
Voluntary Sector Representative Alex Meikle

HSCP Senior Management Team

Senior management team
Title Name
Interim Chief Officer Caroline Sinclair
Head of Community Health  Care Services Derrick Pearce
Head of Mental Health, Learning Disability and Addictions Services Chief Social Worker Vacant
Interim Head of Children's Services Claire Carthy
Oral Health Directorate General manager Interim Lisa Johnstone
Clinical Director Vacant
Professional Nurse Advisor Val Tierney
Chief Financial & Resources Officer Jean Campbell
Interim Head of Specialist Children's Services Karen Lamb

HSCP Board Meeting Agendas

Board meeting agendas


June 25 2020

Meeting Papers


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HSCP Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes


November 14 2019 Meeting Minutes
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HSCP Performance, Audit & Risk Committee Papers

Performance, Audit and Risk Committee Papers


18 June 2020 Performance, Audit and Risk Papers
17 March 2020 Performance, Audit and Risk Papers


18 December 2019 Performance, Audit and Risk Papers
12 June 2019 Performance, Audit and Risk Papers
3 March 2019 Performance, Audit and Risk Papers


19 December 2018 Performance, Audit and Risk Papers
21 September 2018 Performance, Audit and Risk Papers