Strategic Environmental Assessment

What is Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)?

East Dunbartonshire Council recognises that our activities have the potential to significantly affect the environment in both a positive and negative ways. The Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, which came into force in February 2006, requires all policies, plans, programmes, strategies and master plans produced by responsible authorities to be assessed for their potential environmental impacts and all Councils should adhere to the statutory requirements of the Act. This process is called Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The SEA process should:

  • Be incorporated early enough in the development of a policy or plan to ensure that all negative environmental impacts identified can be avoided or reduced, and the positive impacts identified can be further enhanced

  • Raise awareness of environmental considerations within the decision-making processes of the Council and also play a role in promoting sustainable development

  • Provide opportunities for the Council to be completely open and transparent in the decision-making process. This is achieved by ensuring that expertise and views are considered through various stages of consultation with the consultation authorities and the public, giving the public more involvement in their local environment and community.

Further information on Strategic Environmental Assessment can be found on the SEA pages on the Scottish Government Website.

Environmental Baseline Data

 A report of environmental baseline data is updated annually and can be viewed here: Environmental Baseline Data Report 2017-18

Current SEA Consultations

Current SEA public consultations are listed below:


Completed SEA Documentation and Consultations

East Dunbartonshire Council plans, policies, programmes, strategies and masterplans SEA documentation and relevant consultation
Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy and Delivery Plan Screening Determination
Bishopbriggs Public Realm Plan Screening Determination
Water Environment Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Historic Environment Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Brownfield Land Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Advertisement Control Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Developer Contributions Supplementary Guidance Screening Determination
Design and Placemaking Supplementary Guidance Screening Determination
Local Housing Strategy 2022-27 Screening Determination
Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Antonine Wall) Supplementary Guidance Screening Determination
Kirkintilloch Gateway Masterplan Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Mugdock Country Park Strategy Screening Determination
HSCP Strategic Plan Screening Determination
Economic Recovery Plan Screening Determination
Parking Strategy Screening Determination
Local Transport Strategy Environmental Report
Post Adoption Statement
EDC Single-Use Plastics Policy Screening Determination
Food Growing Strategy - Delivery Programme Screening Determination
Sustainable Transport Planning Guidance Screening Determination
HSCP Adult Learning Disability Strategy Screening Determination
Sustainability and Climate Change Framework - Dynamic Action Plan Screening Determination
Low Carbon Heat Strategy  Screening Determination
Air Quality Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Healthy Working Lives Screening Determination
Food Growing Strategy Screening Determination
Local Outcome Improvement Plan - Consultative Draft

SEA Environmental Report

Locality Plans for Auchinairn, Lennoxtown, Twechar and Hillhead/Harestanes Screening Determination
Play Park Audit and Action Plan Screening Determination
Intermediate Housing Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Lennoxtown Masterplan Screening Determination
Town Centre Strategies Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Natural Environment Planning Guidance Screening Determination
Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy Screening Determination
Green Infrastructure and Green Network Supplementary Guidance Screening Determination
Food Service Plan 2016 - 2017 Pre screening notification
Design and Placemaking supplementary guidance Screening Determination
Supplementary Guidance on Planning Obligations Screening Determination
Economic Development Strategy 2016-2019 Screening Determination
Sustainability and Climate Change Framework

SCCF Scoping Report
SCCF Environmental Report and Appendices
SCCF Post Adoption Statement

Green Network Strategy

GNS Scoping Report
Green Network Strategy 2016-2021
Environmental Report
Post Adoption Statement

Local Biodiversity Action Plan

LBAP Scoping Report
LBAP Environmental Report
Post Adoption Statement 

Air Quality Strategy Screening Determination
Sports Pitch Strategy 2015 - 2020 Screening Determination
Culture, Leisure and Sport Strategy 2016 - 2021

Screening Determination
Scoping Report
Environmental Report Final 
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E 
Post Adoption Statement

Open Space Strategy 2015 - 2020

Screening Report
Scoping Report
Environmental Report – consultation period 16 June 2014 – 15 August 2014
Post Adoption Statement