Sustainable development

Sustainable development may sound complicated, but it’s based on a simple idea: that we should meet our needs without creating negative impacts environmentally, socially or economically.  Put simply, it is about living our lives in a way that looks after places, people and pockets, especially those most in need.

Sustainable development is relevant to everyone’s lives and we must all do our bit and take responsibility for our own actions. The Council has produced a Draft Sustainability and Climate Change Framework  to set out a strategic approach for delivering environmental, social and economic benefits in a joined-up way, helping us to meet local, national and international obligations and offering opportunities for efficiency and cost avoidance.

A public consultation on the Draft Sustainability and Climate Change Framework was run between 5 July - 16 August 2016; responses are currently being considered and will inform the production of the final version of the document, which will be presented to Committee in November.  

The Sustainability and Climate Change Framework will replace ‘A Sustainable Development Strategy for East Dunbartonshire’, which was launched in 2004.  An accompanying Dynamic Action Plan will then be produced, which will present a live record of the actions that are being taken to meet our strategic commitments

The Sustainability and Climate Change Framework has been subject to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process; the SEA Environmental Report can be viewed on the Strategic Environmental Assessment webpage