Planning Guidance

Supplementary Guidance and Planning Guidance are intended to support implementation of the East Dunbartonshire Local Development Plan (LDP).The relationship between the LDP, Supplementary Guidance and Planning Guidance is established in Scottish Government Circular 6/2013, and explained in each guidance document in the introduction.  The Council is currently preparing Supplementary and Planning Guidance to accompany the Local Development Plan. In the meantime, the Council’s existing guidance notes will remain in force.

Supplementary Guidance and Planning Guidance

Advertisement Control
Air Quality Planning Guidance
Antonine Wall
Brownfield Sites and Non-native Invasive Species
Design and Placemaking
Developer Contributions
Green Infrastructure and Green Network
Historic Environment
Kirkintilloch Gateway Masterplan
Kirkintilloch Town Centre Masterplan
Natural Environment
River Basin Management Planning
Roads Layout and Design Parking Standards
Transport Assessments and Travel Plans
Unsubsidised Affordable Housing