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Get Cycling

A bit of confidence and the right bike is all you need. This is easy with a little help.  

Cycle training is available for adults and children. This can be training to improve your basic and on-road skills and confidence or just opportunities to go for a ride with others.

The Bike Station provides Cycle training in groups or on a one to one basis as well as getting you started with the right bike for you.

Freewheel North offers a range of services including cycle training and the promotion of accessibility via led rides with various adapted and specially constructed cycles. 

Belles on Bikes offers rides suitable for women of all abilities, cycle training for those new to cycling, a bike loan service, maintenance training and the opportunity to meet other women cycling. Meet up is a good place to look for other people at your level who want to cycle.

Your Local Bike Shop can help you get going. Find yours here or click below for those in East Dunbartonshire.

Go places

It’s a lot quicker and easier to get around by bike than you think. In most cases, trips under 5km are quickest by bike. And apart from that it’s a lot of fun.

Our local maps of Milngavie, Bearsden, Kirkintilloch and Lenzie detail the available routes and journey times for local destinations.

Visit the Bears Way page to find out how we are trying to improve conditions for functional cycling for everyone.

If you are commuting, consider Bike-Bus or Bike-Rail. All major towns in East Dunbartonshire are linked by excellent rail services to Glasgow and Edinburgh. ScotRail allows free carriage on trains and Next Bike and Bike & Go provide inexpensive hire services at the other end. What more could you want?

For more information on getting places by bike, visit Sustrans.

Just for leisure

You’re never far from fantastic places to cycle for fun alone or with family and friends.

Or if you’re just getting started, pop down to your local park. You’ll find your way using your local map.

Get the kids cycling

For advice on getting started with the family, visit Sustrans.

East Dunbartonshire is rolling out Bikeability training to primary school children throughout the area and has delivered Play on Pedals training to every nursery. These schemes need volunteers to be sustainable. Please contact the organisations directly or your local school or nursery to help out.

If you are a local community group you can apply for a Cycle Friendly Community Grant.

Plan your route

Your cycling confidence and experience will influence how you get around.  A route planner (for utility trips) or route finder (for leisure) is an invaluable tool.  There are a few available and many provide options to avoid hills and traffic. You can access them online, by phone or download your route into another device.

Another useful application is Journeyshare which allows you to find someone to cycle with who is making the same journey. This is particularly good if you are new to cycling or just prefer to cycle in company.

For more information on routes and the National Cycle Network, visit Sustrans.


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