Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Charging Points

We offer free electric vehicle charging through our network of charging points within East Dunbartonshire. Both the electricity and parking are currently free while charging, however we reserve the right to start charging for this facility in the future.


Chargers are located in all of our towns and major villages. We hope to further increase availability in future years. Outlets are located in Council operated car parks and other locations and charger types are detailed below. All of the government provided public charge points can be found on the charge place Scotland. Other charge points are  available across East Dunbartonshire from private companies. You can check the current network here.

EDC “Rapid” Electric Vehicle Charge Point Locations:

Connector 1 Connector 2 Connector 3

Type:   CHAdeMO
Power output:  50kW

Connector Type CCS

Type:   CSS
Power output:  50kW

Connector 3 image

Type:   Type 2
Power output:  43kW


  • Kirkintilloch - William Patrick Library Car Park
  • Bishopbriggs – Leisuredrome Car Park (one bay only due to power availability issues but will always offer the full 50/43KW, only open during hours of centre operation).

Coming soon:

  • Milngavie - Mugdock Road Car Park (Delivery Stage, we apologies for the substantial delay in the delivery of the power supply but please be aware the matter is being dealt with).


“Fast” Electric Vehicle 22KW Type 2 Charge Point Locations

Connector 1 Connector 2

Type:   Type 2
Power output:  22kW

Connector image
Type:   Type 2
Power output:  22kW


  • Bearsden - Roman Road Car Park
  • Bishopbriggs – Auchinairn (Beech Road)
  • Bishopbriggs – 2 x Leisuredrome Car Park (one for disabled persons only, non-disabled point open only during hours of centre operation).
  • Kirkintilloch – Eastside
  • Kirkintilloch – 2 x Southbank Business Park (Donaldson Street) (each post can deliver a maximum of 33KW between the 2 connectors to maximise use of power supply).
  • Lennoxtown – Main Street at The Hub
  • Lenzie - Alexandra Avenue Shops
  • Milngavie - Mugdock Road Car Park
  • Milngavie – Cloberfield Road Industrial Estate
  • Milton of Campsie – Birdston Road Car Park
  • Torrance – Queens View
  • Twechar - Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre Car Park

Coming Soon:

  • Bearsden – 2nd Roman Road 22KW unit (each post will be able to deliver a maximum of 33KW between the 2 connectors to maximise use of power supply).

Slow” Electric Vehicle 7KW Type 2 Charge Point Locations

Connector 1 Connector 2

Type:   Type 2
Power output:  7kW

Connector image
Type:   Type 2
Power output:  7kW

  • Bishopbriggs - Kenmure Drive Car Park

Which type?

Our network mainly consists of “Fast” 22KW AC Type 2 connections. You will require your own charge cable with a Type 2 plug on one end and a Type 1 or 2 plug on the other end as your vehicle requires. Please check your manual to understand the compatibility of your car before charging.

“Rapid” charge points (50KW) provide their own cables and you may not use your own. 

How to access

You must register with Charge Place Scotland before being able to access charge points via either RFID card (£10 after the 26 July 2021) or smartphone app (free), though the RFID card is recommended as it works when there is a communication outage. Charge points in EDC are currently free to access once the account has been set up but increasingly tariffs are being put in place across Scotland. Please check the location before you travel. 

Please note outside of Scotland there are a plethora of networks, the requirement is that future build rapid (43KW and up) points will all have touch payment to enable UK wide inter-operability. Please also note some will charge a tariff based on what you use but others will take £30 and then refund the difference within 4 banking days, again please check before you travel. Users must check interoperability of Chargeplace Scotland RFID cards with other networks before relying on them. Please note that in such cases there is normally a connection fee in addition to any tariff.

Please note:

  • You must only use the electric charging bays to charge your car. If you have an electric car which does not need charged, you should park in a regular bay and display a ticket if appropriate. The only exception to this will be in the disabled bays where the blue badge is the only requirement. 
  • The charge points within the disabled marked bays at the Leisuredrome are for blue badge holders only.
  • All of our solo “Fast” Type 2 posts will maintain 22KW available to both sides even if 2 cars are plugged. When there are two or more posts then under extreme loads they will reduce power. However, at this time most cars are not able to pull the full 22KW and so service will be reduced based on your car’s capability.

  • East Dunbartonshire Council are grateful to Transport Scotland for the grants necessary to enable us to install and maintain these electric vehicle charging points.

  • The back office provider will be changing from 10pm on the 26th of July 2021 and as such no car should be connected between 10pm on the 26th of July 2021 and 5am on the 27th July 2021.

Electric Vehicles in East Dunbartonshire - more information 

We have published a booklet - Electric Vehicles in East Dunbartonshire - providing information and links for current and prospective owners.

The guide includes details of local public charging locations and potential new sites - aimed at attracting new users and increasing capacity across Scotland (more than 1,000 charge points and rising).

There have been almost 14,000 charging sessions via the East Dunbartonshire network since 2015, with each delivering an average of 10kWh of electricity to help users get on their way.

Potential new charging locations include town centres, rail stations, areas of employment and leisure centres - maximising availability and convenience (for example, allow people to charge while going to the gym/shops).

The Council is already delivering a Rapid Charging Hub at Mugdock Road Car Park in Milngavie, which will see an additional eight charging spaces being created during the financial year 2020/21.

The new booklet fulfils an action within the Local Transport Strategy 2020-2025 - approved by Council in March 2020 - which provides a route forward on transport planning objectives, as well as actions and interventions to enhance travel across East Dunbartonshire.