Garden Waste Collection Charge

Applications for garden waste permits are now available.

From 7 July 2024 East Dunbartonshire Council will charge for the collection of garden waste in your green bin. 

The decision to charge £50 a year for the collection of domestic garden waste was agreed at the Council's meeting on Thursday 14 December 2023 (you can view the committee papers here(link is external)).

Free garden waste bin collections will run from March – July 2024 while we take steps to implement the new scheme.

Apply for your garden waste permit

The easiest way to apply and pay is online using the button above. However, if you prefer not to or cannot pay online you can call Customer Services or make an appointment at our Hubs at Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch, Lennoxtown and Milngavie Enterprise Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the garden waste collection charge coming in?

The charge will be introduced from Sunday 7 July 2024. Free garden waste bin collections will run from March until July 2024 while we take steps to introduce permits.

Why is this charge being introduced?

The decision to charge for the collection of garden waste was agreed at the Council's meeting on Thursday 14 December 2023.

The collection of garden waste is a non-statutory service, and with reducing budgets and increasing costs, the Council can no longer operate this type of collection as a free service.

Until now, East Dunbartonshire has chosen to offer a free service, however, this has been subsidised from Council Tax paid by all households, including those who do not use it and do not have gardens.

To retain a garden waste collection service, it is necessary to introduce a charge to contribute towards the cost of its provision.

Does my Council tax not cover the cost of the garden waste service?

No, this service is non-statutory and therefore not a legal requirement for the Council to provide.

Do other Councils charge for garden waste collection?

Yes. More than 50% of councils in Scotland are charging for this service and more are expected to introduce a charge within the next few years.

How much is the permit?

The garden waste permit charge is an annual seasonal charge and will cost £50 per green bin with each season running from March to November.

Who has to pay this charge?

Any household that would like to participate in the garden waste collection service will require to pay one permit for each green bin.

Are there any exemptions or concessions?

There are no concessions for this service.

I have an Assisted Collection in place. Will that continue?

If you have Assisted Collection and a garden waste permit your green bin will continue to be collected as before. 

How do you apply for a garden waste collection permit?

You can now apply for a garden waste collection permit online, by calling Customer Services or by appointment at our Hubs at Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch, Lennoxtown and Milngavie Enterprise Centre. Our Community Hubs are cashless and payments are chip and pin. Customers that make an appointment will get a barcode to allow you to make payment at a paypoint outlet.

How far in advance do I need to apply for a permit?

It can take up to 14 days for a permit to be processed and the bin sticker to be issued to your address. Your bin will not be lifted until the permit is attached.

What period does the permit cover?

A permit covers the entire annual season of green bin collections from March to November. Check your online waste calendar for dates.

What happens if I sign up for a permit halfway through the year?

There is a flat rate of £50 per year for the permit, regardless of when it is applied for. In 2024 a pro-rata charge will be applied.

If residents stay in a flat how does the garden permit scheme work?

Residents who currently share a bin for their garden waste in flats can continue to do this. Please note, the application and payment for a permit must be made by one resident and the Council won’t become involved in any neighbour dispute over payment to another neighbour.

What happens if I move house?

The permit is registered to an address and not a person so should remain with the property. If you move to a property that has a garden waste permit, you can carry on using the green bin until the permit expires.

This permit sticker will display the address and reference number for the registered property as well as the expiry date. Operatives will look for this on your bin.

What other options do I have for getting rid of garden waste?

Garden waste can be disposed of at our Mavis Valley Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC). You can book a visit to Mavis below. 

Alternatively, composting is a great way to put garden waste to good use and can be used to enrichen the soil in your garden.

Will this not just result in more fly-tipping?

Councils who have already introduced this charge have found no evidence to suggest that fly tipping of garden waste has increased as a result. The disposal of garden waste is the householder's responsibility and residents can continue to dispose of this free of charge at Mavis Valley Recycling Centre.

What happens if I put my green bin out but don’t have a permit?

Only green bins with valid permits attached will be emptied.

What happens if I do have a permit, but the bin is missed?

You can report a missed bin using our online form or by calling Customer Services on 0300 123 4510.

What if my green bin goes missing or is damaged with the permit on it?

Please contact us by calling Customer Service on 0300 123 4510.

Can I request additional collections?

No, the frequency will remain the same e.g. fortnightly for those with a permit.

What if I present the bin with the wrong material in it?

Contaminated bins will be left, and residents will have to remove contamination before the bin is emptied in line with the current policy.

Do I need to apply for a new permit each year?


Can I cancel mid-season?

You can cancel mid-season but there would be no refund.

Can I have my green bin removed?

Yes, you can apply for your bin to be removed by completing our replacement/removal bin form. All bins remain the property of East Dunbartonshire Council so should only be removed officially by our Waste team.

How many collections will I receive each annual season with my permit?

You will receive 19 collections on a fortnightly cycle.

Will I require to pay £50 in July when this is not a full annual season?

No, the charge will be pro rata in the first year. Householders will be required to pay £26.32 for the 2024 season.

Can I share a permit with a neighbour?

If you share a green garden bin with a neighbour, you can share the cost of a permit. You'll need to arrange this between yourselves, with just one of you applying for the permit.

I am a business; can I obtain a green bin permit?

The service is available to customers with domestic properties, places of worship, Bowling Clubs and Golf Clubs. The service is not available to other persons, companies, or commercial businesses.

What can I put in my green bin?

Grass cuttings
Shrub/Hedge clippings
Weeds (not invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed)
Straw or animal bedding

Is this a mandatory charge?

No, the charge is discretionary. It will be your own decision if you wish to purchase a permit to have your garden bin emptied.