After decisions what to do next

For the majority of planning applications you have 3 years from the date of your decision within which to commence work. If your planning permission is subject to conditions then there may be a requirement to submit information prior to work commencing in order to fulfil these condition. If the Planning Authority are happy with the submissions then we will discharge the conditions. Once all pre-commencement conditions have been satisfied there will also be a requirement for a Notice of Initiation to be submitted which will indicate when you are intending to start work.

If there are any changes or amendments to your plans then you should contact the Planning Authority to determine if there is the need for a new planning application. If the changes are small and do not significantly alter a proposal then we may be able to deal with the amendments as a non-material variation. Please send a revised set of plans to the Planning Authority in order that we can make this assessment. You should also notify Building Standards of any proposed amendments.

Once the works have been completed then you will need to submit a completed Notice of Completion. The dates of these submissions will be recorded on our systems.