Council Housing: Tenant participation

A Tenant Satisfaction survey 2022 was recently carried out. The purpose of the survey is to improve services to our tenants, as well as meeting the requirement of The Scottish Social Housing Charter.

Read the Tenant Satisfaction survey report.

Tenant participation

There are many ways to get involved. Our Register of Tenants Organisations (Tenants' and Residents' Associations) gives you details of how to contact the tenants' association that represents your area.

Associations represent the views of the community and work with us and other organisations on a variety of issues. They put forward views and concerns about their housing, community and local issues to us, and take part in the decision-making process. They can help local communities by providing information, advice and access to other services and departments.

There are many reasons for tenants and residents to form an association. Here are some of the main ones:

  • to influence housing policy and practice, such as regeneration of neighbourhoods, repairs, housing services and problems with neighbours
  • to have a representative voice - to enable tenants to communicate with the Council to influence decision-making that affects them and their neighbours' homes
  • to access accurate advice and information relevant to tenants and residents
  • to work with the Council to develop better facilities - e.g. better play facilities for local children or better housing conditions
  • to provide a collective voice for tenants in an area, act as a focus for consultation or lobby for changes
  • to develop extra services through self-help schemes (e.g. lunch clubs)
  • to offer advice to local people and represent individual tenants when dealing with authorities

The benefits of effective Tenant Participation for everyone include:

  • improved service delivery
  • opportunities for tenants to develop new knowledge and skills
  • better communication between staff and tenants
  • better links between the community and the Council
  • staff and tenants being more aware of each other’s perspectives, and organisational and financial implications
  • breaking down the misunderstandings, helping to remove any mistrust between the Council and tenants, and building mutual respect and understanding
  • increased tenant satisfaction with homes and neighbourhoods

Most tenant organisations hold regular meetings. Meetings are open to all tenants within the area.

On this page you will find information on:

Tenant Scrutiny

New housing legislation means that tenants and residents can have a greater influence in making a difference to housing services.

  • Are you interested in finding out about what goes on behind the scenes and what requirements we need to meet when providing services?
  • Are you willing to be a ‘critical friend’?
  • Are you interested in making a difference to housing services?

If you have answered yes to the above questions then you could be just the person we need. We need committed tenants and residents who are willing to look at different aspects of the housing service and make recommendations on how we can improve.


The Scrutineers will work independently and as part of a team, read reports and information; look at the ways we provide our services; and provide constructive feedback on ways in which we can provide improved housing services.

This is a voluntary role, with on-going support and training provided. The Scrutineers will not be paid but will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred.

What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills
  • Opportunities to make a difference to the housing services we provide
  • Opportunities to meet new people, form friendships and become part of a team.

If you are interested in becoming a Scrutineer or would like to find out more about previous and current tenant scrutiny activities, please email the Tenant Participation Team or telephone 0300 123 4510.

Tenant Scrutiny so far

The Scrutineers first scrutiny task was looking at the Council’s re-let standards and made recommendations on how to improve these standards. The majority of the standards were approved by senior management and the Council and have now been implemented.

The Scrutineers second task was looking at the Councils anti-social behaviour procedures and the recommendations they made have been approved and implemented.

The most recent task reviewed was the quality of the Council’s emergency and temporary accommodation. Following an extensive review, the Scrutineers presented a report of their findings and recommendations to the Housing Management Team and to the elected members and these recommendations have been approved and implemented.

If you would like to be part of the Scrutineers, please email the tenant participation team

Making sure everyone can get involved

We recognise the importance of tenants helping us to improve our services. We rely heavily on the time and commitment of tenant volunteers and we want to make sure that getting involved is easy and cost free. We can help with:

  • arranging transport to and from meetings
  • arranging crèches for tenants attending any conferences or meetings
  • providing services for people with disabilities, such as a portable hearing loop system
  • providing written information in Braille, audio tape or other community languages
  • arranging interpreters for meetings

Grants (guidance and applications)

We fund tenant participation within the area and support local tenants' organisations. This may include help to cover costs such as hall lets, stationery, attendance at conferences, membership of independent advisory groups and other relevant expenses.

Before a group can apply for a Tenant Participation Grant, it must have a constitution, a bank account and sound financial guidelines in place.

Guidance notes have been produced to assist groups when applying for funding.

To apply for a Tenant Participation Grant, please please email for an application form. We can help groups fill in applications.

Tenants & Residents Associations can also apply for various grants like a Community Grant or Awards for All and more. You will need a signed constitution and a group bank account. These grants are useful should you wish financial assistance for various projects or equipment for your association.

How can I set up a tenant's organisation?

The Tenant Participation Team can give you help, support, advice and information to set up a tenants' association. They can also assist you with funding for your group.

Register of Tenant Organisations and Registration Application Form

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 introduced the Register of Tenants' Organisations. This is important as it gives local tenant groups a role in the tenant participation process.

We now have a duty to consult all Registered Tenant Organisations on issues that affect them and we must take notice, within a reasonable timescale, of any representations made by these organisations.

The register has information on:

  • what area the group covers
  • how to contact the group
  • when and where meetings are held
  • whether the groups meetings are accessible to people with special needs

The Register of Tenant Organisations is available to be viewed on this webpage.

Organisations wishing to become a Registered Tenant Organisation should contact for the registration procedures and forms.

How can I have my say? (Interested Tenants List)

You can still participate without being a member of a tenants' organisation. We are keen to hear from people who want to represent their areas on forums or have information sent to them for comment.

We also hold a list of Interested Tenants, who have agreed to be consulted occasionally. They have highlighted the ways they would like to be consulted (e.g. telephone, post, e-mail, attending meetings, etc).

Resourcing Tenant Participation

This is about more than money. As well as funding tenant participation, we can:

  • support existing groups as activities broaden and develop
  • help groups access grants
  • help groups with administration (e.g. photocopying, typing minutes)
  • provide relevant and accurate information to groups
  • attend groups' meetings when invited
  • provide groups with access to conferences

Tenant Event

We hold an annual Tenant Event, where tenants can become involved in housing and community issues. They can meet staff and other tenants.

Workshops at previous Tenant Events have included:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • housing improvements
  • Scottish Housing Standard
  • allocations
  • homelessness
  • benefits of Tenant Participation
  • annual return for charter
  • improving services using mobile technology
  • welfare reform/universal credit four
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
  • New Housing Developments
  • Property Maintenance Services

Based on previous feedback, delegates have found the event to be informative, useful and would highly recommend anyone attending.  It is a great way to interact with other tenants and service users and various members of staff from Housing and other departments are in attendance should you require any advice or assistance. You can find the latest Tenant Event Report 2019 in the documents below.

Tenant Participation Newsletter

The Tenant Participation Newsletter, 'Taking Part', is sent to all our tenants three times a year.

It is produced with the tenants on the Tenant Participation Working Group. 

The newsletter gives up-to-date information and news relevant to our tenants. We can also produce copies of the newsletter in community languages.  To request this, you can contact the Tenant Participation Team.

Tenant Participation Working Group

The Tenant Participation Working Group is made up of tenants, Councillors and members of housing staff. It was originally set up to produce the Tenant Participation Strategy, and it is now reviewing and monitoring the strategy and tenant participation movement. It meets on average six times a year.


We are committed to providing free training for tenants and tenants' associations on a wide range of issues. It is delivered by the Tenant Participation Team or by independent consultants. Topics might include:

  • committee skills training
  • disability awareness
  • equalities issues
  • Scottish Secure Tenancies
  • allocations

Training can be arranged for individual groups or it can be arranged for all groups to attend the one session. Groups are encouraged to highlight any training needs they may require to us.

Tenant Participation Strategy

All Councils throughout Scotland are required to have in place a Tenant Participation Strategy which ultimately will enable 'continuous improvement in landlords performance in supporting and enabling tenants to participate'.

Read our Tenant Participation Strategy 2023 – 2028.

Tenant Participation Diary of Events

There is a diary of events for the next 6 months which provides information on tenants and residents association meeting dates and times and also dates for the Sheltered Housing Forum and forthcoming Tenant Participation working Group meetings going ahead for the next 6 months. This is a useful diary should you wish to attend any meetings in your area.  Any future estate walkabouts will be added to the diary throughout the year.

If you require information relating to any of the planned meetings, please contact the Tenant Participation Team

Sheltered Housing Forum

The Sheltered Housing Forum was set up to allow sheltered housing tenants to participate in the management of their houses. The Forum is an opportunity for sheltered housing tenants to come together to discuss common issues and work alongside us to improve the quality of sheltered housing.

The Forum meets four times per year and all our sheltered housing tenants are invited to attend.

Further Information

If you would like further information on the Sheltered Housing Forum please contact the Tenant Participation Team or call 0300 123 4510.

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