Who is responsible for repairs?

Who is responsible for repairs?

By law we must make sure that wind and rain cannot get into your home and we must maintain the installations in your home which supply gas, water, electricity and drainage. Although we will also carry out most other repairs to your home, there are some which you must carry out yourself. The following tables show the type of repairs and who is responsible.

We are responsible for the following repairs:

  • All statutory repairs shown below and described in missive of let
  • Blocked flue (boiler)
  • Blocked flue (open fire)
  • Blocked or leaking drain or toilet pan
  • Blocked sink, bath or wash basin
  • Leaking cisterns, pipes or tanks
  • Toilet not flushing
  • Broken or loose banister or handrail
  • Broken mechanical extractor fan
  • Faulty electric power or lighting socket
  • No electricity supply anywhere in the house or flat
  • No gas supply anywhere in the house or flat
  • Unsafe floor boards or stairs
  • Fencing in dangerous condition
  • Water supply to kitchen and bathroom.

 You are responsible for the following repairs:

  • Internal decoration including painting the woodwork
  • Blocked sink, wash-hand basin, bath or wc (where these are the result of neglect, accident or misuse by you, a member of your household or your visitors)
  • Replacement of fire nests (if a new nest is required within one year of previous issue)
  • Replacement of washing lines
  • Renewal of broken hat/coat hooks
  • Replacement of curtain rails
  • Chimney sweeping (this should be done every 12 months)
  • Repairs and replacement of coal or log-effect accessories on fire
  • Supply and fitting of electric plugs and light bulbs
  • Supply and fitting of door bells, door chains, door name-plate, additional keys
  • Repairs and replacement of gas or electric cookers
  • Repair and maintenance of any alterations or improvements carried out by yourself without the consent of the Council
  • Replacement batteries for smoke alarms
  • Internal pass doors

In some cases where the tenant is an elderly person, physically disabled or has a learning disability, the Council may carry out any of the above repairs without charge.

If any repair is needed because you have not taken care of the property or have damaged it, it is up to you to get the repair done and to pay for it, even if it was an accident.

If you have applied to buy your house, we will only carry out the basic repairs required by law. Once you have bought your house, you are responsible for all repairs, so it makes sense to take out a buildings insurance policy to cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it is structurally damaged (eg by fire).