Home insulation, heating and fuel efficiency

Home insulation, heating and fuel efficiency

Research by the Scottish Government suggested that 3,000 households in East Dunbartonshire are ‘fuel poor’. Being ‘fuel poor’ means that a household has to spend more than 10% of its income on fuel in order to keep the home warm. We are committed to reducing levels of fuel poverty in the area and aim to eliminate it entirely by 2016.

The main causes of fuel poverty are:

  • Low income
  • High fuel costs
  • Poor energy efficiency of housing

Other factors which contribute to fuel poverty are under-occupation of housing and energy-inefficient household behaviour.

Older people, children, disabled people and people with long-term illnesses have been shown to be most at risk of fuel poverty.

As part of the current insulation scheme, under-floor insulation would be considered only where it is found to be practical and cost effective. Surveyors can assess properties with basement access or where ground sub floors have adequate space to carry out the works safely. Usually, insulation between upper floors to a property is not considered cost effective or practical.

If you need help with heating, insulation and fuel bills contact the Energy Saving Trust by telephoning 0800 512012 or contact the Housing Policy Team.