Fly-tipping (or illicit tipping) is an eyesore and can be dangerous, particularly to children and wildlife.  Where we can identify who has left the rubbish they will have to remove it or we will bill them for the cost of clearing it up. In some instances, fly-tippers may also be prosecuted. Where fly-tipping occurs on private ground, the owner of the ground is responsible for removing it.

  • Most household rubbish can be taken free of charge to the rubbish dump at Mavis Valley
  • The Council also offers a special uplift service from your home 
  • There are a number of Bring Sites located across East Dunbartonshire. Any items not placed in the containers and lying on the ground can also be classed as flytipping and a fine enforced.

To report fly-tipping:

You can report fly-tipping by filling in the fly-tipping form attached or by calling Customer Services on 0300 123 4510.

Please provide as much information as possible:

  • vehicle registration and description
  • description of the people seen fly-tipping
  • details of the materials
  • location of the materials
  • photographic evidence

All information you provide is treated in confidence.