Special uplift

This online service is for householders only.  If you are a business or commercial customer who requires an uplift please call 0300 123 4510 and an advisor can arrange an inspection.

Please be aware that due to current demand for this service, we may not be able to meet our aim to uplift within 10 days of your request. Please be assured that we have received it and will collect as soon as we possibly can. Material for collection must be presented externally.


East Dunbartonshire Council offers a chargeable Special Uplift Service to collect bulk household items that are too big to fit into a wheeled bin and cannot be transported to one of our Recycling Centre or donated through the Zero Waste Scotland Re-use Line [opens in a new window]

You can request a Special Uplift by registering with mygovscot myaccount.

Alternatively, you can complete the Request a Special Uplift form. 

Once the form has been submitted, payment will need to be made to allow the uplift to be scheduled. We will send you an email to confirm we have received your request. If you do not receive this, please check your spam / junk folder. 

To help us, we ask that you ensure all waste items are presented in one batch, kept together and placed at the agreed collection point and can be lifted easily. Please place all items in such a way that they can easily be identified from your request.

On this page you will find information on:

How much does this service cost

The standard uplift charge is £24.22 which must be paid in advance.

Sometimes your uplift is not eligible for the standard charge. In this instance, we will contact you with the cost and how payment can be made. Payment must be received within 4 weeks or we will cancel your request and you will have to complete your request again.

Adding a photograph of the items to be removed, where possible, in the attachment area provided can often speed up the process. 

Photograph file sizes must be less than 12MB. 

You can upload your photos using the following file formats / types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, eps, tif, pict, psd.

Please note: we will cancel your request for an uplift if payment has not been made or received. You will have to complete your request again where you are unable to pay.

How can I pay for this service

This charge can be paid online by using the Pay online option.

We accept all major debit and credit cards with the exception of American Express. There is no charge for paying by credit card.

I don’t have a credit/debit card, how else can I make payment?

You can also pay by visiting any of our community hubs.

How quickly can I get my item(s) picked up?

We will endeavour to collect your items within 10 working days after receipt of payment, however this timescale is only a guide, which means it could take longer than the 10 working days. 

Please be aware that your objects may be collected by separate vehicles to allow the Council to responsibly recycle your items.

How should I present my item(s) for collection?

Material for collection must be presented externally prior to collection taking place.  Items should be grouped together and put out after you request your uplift. You can place these items in your bin shed, driveway, at the front, rear or side of your home. 

Please do not leave your items on the street or at the kerb side.

For insurance reasons, we will only uplift the items that you have included on your online form. 

Our staff cannot dismantle any items on your behalf so please have them ready and available for collection. We cannot uplift items over 4ft in length.

Nonstandard uplifts or large quantities: Outbuildings - demolished garages, garden huts or sheds, fencing, large play houses, roof slates etc. If any of these items contain asbestos the householder will be notified and advised that this is hazardous waste, which we cannot collect. All items must be 4ft in length or less.

By doing this you are giving permission to the Council’s Removal Crew to enter the exterior of your property to remove the listed item(s). You ensure that the items can be removed without damaging anything. You acknowledge that the Removal Crew can refuse to remove the items if there is a risk of damaging anything and you relieve the Council of any liability for damaging anything.

If any of the stated items are not present or in a hazardous condition, the crew will not uplift or return for them.

What can be collected as part of the standard uplift?

  • furniture
  • carpets, rugs and linoleum (lino)
  • bags (containing items such as old clothes, shoes, books, toys etc., but you must specify what is in the bags)
  • packaging and boxes
  • keep fit equipment
  • garden tools and lawn-mowers
  • white household goods - washing machines, cookers, fridges, tumble dryers, scrap and household electrical or electronic items such as vacuums, TVs and PC monitors will be uplifted by a separate vehicle as these items are no longer accepted at landfill and are sent for recycling.
  • garden waste - is collected fortnightly in your green bin, however if you have excessive amounts which will not fit into the green bin such as tree cuttings and branches this would be chargeable. To make sure that they are uplifted please tie them in bundles not exceeding four feet in length.

What can’t be uplifted as part of the standard uplift?

  • builders/contractors waste
  • fixtures and fittings (doors and windows etc.)
  • house clearances
  • engine oil, car batteries or car parts
  • liquids, hazardous waste or gas cylinders
  • fencing
  • huts
  • pianos
  • tyres (The Council do not accept tyres. If you need new tyres on your car, the garage fitting them will normally dispose of your old ones for you. If you change your tyres at home, tyre companies may charge a small fee to recycle them so it's good to always check first.)

Nonstandard uplifts or large quantities?

The Council may quote a price for the provision of a service when necessary which will include all reasonable costs for collection and disposal. 

Examples of nonstandard items which will require a quote are:-

  • Outbuildings - demolished garages, garden huts or sheds, fencing, large play houses, roof slates etc. If any of these items contain asbestos the householder will be notified and advised that this is hazardous waste, which we cannot collect.
  • DIY excess - bathroom suites, windows, kitchen units, dismantled built-in furniture and excess tradesman waste.

The uplift of chargeable items will be subject to an inspector advising you of the cost to remove the material in this category. If you are not at home an estimate will be left which will detail the charge and methods of payment. If you wish to continue, we will aim to carry out the uplift within 10 working days following receipt of the payment, however this timescale is only a guide, which means it could take longer than the 10 working days. 

I can’t afford to pay for a special uplift – what can I do?

Zero Waste Scotland

Before you book a Special Uplift, have you tried the Zero Waste Scotland Re-use Tool [opens in a new window] The website allows you to check if there is a local organisation that can re-use your item.

If your item is still in good condition, why not check and see if Zero Waste Scotland’s Re-use Line could help you arrange a collection?

The Re-use Line provides a list of local charities and social enterprises who collect items to sell on to support the work they do in the community.

They can accept a range of bulky items, including furniture in a re-useable condition, soft furnishings such as sofas, mattresses and armchairs that have fire regulation labels attached and electrical items such as washing machines, fridges and cookers in good working order.

Visit reuseline [opens in a new window] find the organisations that can collect and contact them directly to donate your items. Please be advised only items the organisations think they can sell will be uplifted, so unfortunately collection cannot not guaranteed.

Examples of items that re-use organisations will accept:

  • Sofas and armchairs (fire regulation tags must be attached)
  • Beds and mattresses (fire regulation tags must be attached)
  • Wardrobes and chest of drawers
  • Dining furniture
  • Fridges, freezers, electric cookers, washing machines and tumble dryers
  • Bicycles

Items not accepted by re-use organisations

  • Items which are soiled, ripped, damaged or not working
  • Items that have been left outside
  • No fire labels on fabric/material items
  • Gas appliances of any kind
  • Bulky style televisions
  • Large wall units
  • UPVC doors and windows
  • Bathroom suites
  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Tyres

Items are collected for free or with minimal charges applied for some items in some areas.

Householders can arrange collections to suit their time and availability.

Collections take place from inside properties – no need to move items outside.

Items passed on will benefit the local community and charitable organisations as well as supporting employment and volunteering opportunities.

By increasing re-use you’ll be helping to reduce the number of items being sent to landfill, reducing the environmental impact of waste.

You’ll be saving your Local Authority operational costs and landfill disposal costs.

Recycling Centres

You can take your waste to our Recycling Centre which will accept bulky household items free of charge.

What happens if I place my items out for collection but the Removal Crew fail to collect it?

Please contact us by email: customerservices@eastdunbarton.gov.uk or In person at any of our community hubs.

Or alternatively by contacting us on 0300 123 4510

Please be aware that white goods, electrical and metal scrap items are collected separately and may be collected on a different day or time to any other general items.

Is there a limit on the number of collections I can request in a year?

No you can make as many collection requests in a year as you wish. Each separate collection will still incur the appropriate cost.

Private Contractors carrying out work

Contractors and letting agents have a duty of care to dispose of any waste materials produced at the premises which is not collected as a standard collection. Prior to any contractor carrying out any works you should check if they have a waste carrier's license and will remove the waste as part of the contract.

Fly-tipping or illicit tipping

Fly-tipping (or illicit tipping) is an eyesore and can be dangerous, particularly to children and wildlife. Where we can identify who has left the rubbish they will have to remove it or we will bill them for the cost of clearing it up. In some instances, fly-tippers may also be prosecuted. Where fly-tipping occurs on private ground, the owner of the ground is responsible for removing it.

To report fly-tipping:

You can report fly-tipping by filling in the fly-tipping form.

Or by calling Customer Services on 0300 123 4510.

Please provide as much information as possible:

  • vehicle registration and description
  • description of the people seen fly-tipping
  • details of the materials
  • location of the materials
  • photographic evidence

All information you provide is treated in confidence.