People and businesses help shape a 'circle for life'

Circle made up of arrows reading Circular Economy, make, use, reuse, renew, recycle, redesign. Residents, workers, businesses and organisations have been thanked for helping to shape a plan to wipe out waste, preserve precious resources and build a better future for local communities.

The Council has published its Circular Economy Strategy – detailing present and future actions, good work taking place and support available.

It was drafted following extensive research and engagement with internal services, and external partners and businesses.

It was finalised following consultation which took place in January and February 2023. As well as an online survey and meetings, pop-up community consultation events took place throughout East Dunbartonshire.

Social media posts to promote the consultation had a potential reach of nearly 200,000 people, while there were more than 2,500 views of videos created as part of the campaign.

There were a number of comments and suggestions, including one resident who said: "Excellent initiative, well done!"

The strategy is available to view online

Webpages have also been created to provide information, advice and support for residents, and businesses/third sector organisations:

Ann Davie, the Council's Depute Chief Executive, said, "A Circular Economy aims to eliminate waste – which is a major cause of global climate and environmental crises. Materials are kept in use or repurposed for as long as possible – shifting from a disposable culture, in which everything is designed to be thrown away after use.

"Waste is avoided when everything is made and designed to last for multiple uses – and to be reused/recycled when no longer needed.

"It's better for the environment and the economy – reducing costs, driving innovation and strengthening support links between businesses, organisations and communities.

"Thanks to everyone who took the time to help shape the Circular Economy Strategy and all those who have engaged with our webpages, videos and social media posts."

The Council is continuing to promote and develop the strategy as part of its commitment to help reduce carbon emissions and eliminate waste.

Everyone can play their part – whether they're a resident, worker, business owner or involved in an organisation locally.

Check out the links above for the latest information and opportunities.

The Circular Economy Strategy includes:

  • Case for Change
  • Guiding Principles
  • Scottish Government Circular Economy Policies and Legislation
  • Local Economic Policy
  • Other Economic Policy Areas
  • Circular Economy Strategy Objectives
  • Strategy Development and Methodology
  • Consultation and Finalising the Strategy
  • Action Plan
  • Delivery, Timescale, Monitoring and Governance.

Visit East Dunbartonshire Circular Economy Strategy to find out more.