How Good is Our Service - December 2023

Monthly Performance Report

On this page you will find information on:

Assets and Facilities

100% of operational properties that required a gas safety record had a gas safety check and record completed by the anniversary date- Non Housing compared to a target of 100%   100% properties that required a gas safety record had a gas safety check and record completed by the anniversary date compared to a target of 100%   88% of Voids returned within timescales compared with a target of 85%

Overview of Progress
Property Maintenance

Voids performance has dropped in December to 88% from 92.3% in November, however this remains a positive figure and is above our target of 85%.  We continue to look at ways of maintaining and enhancing performance going forward. 

Property Maintenance have achieved our target of 100% for Gas Servicing in December with 257 properties serviced in the month.  We continue to achieve our target each month and we are confident this will continue throughout the remainder of the year.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Heating and Roofing upgrade programmes are ongoing, and progress continues in carrying out reactive and refurbishment works across the education and non-housing stock, with decoration works ongoing across the school estate. 

Facilities Management

The rollout of the new FM structure is nearing conclusion and employee displacement meetings are continuing with the aim of securing suitable alternative positions for displaced employees.  

A revised school lunch menu was implemented at the start of the new term in August and feedback will be requested to shape future menu changes.  Action plans continue to be reviewed and recommendations implemented to improve uptake in lower performing schools.

The uptake of free school meals in Primary schools for the month of December was below target and we continue to focus on schools not achieving the set target.  The target for free school meals was achieved in Secondary schools.

The Service continues to work with suppliers to source alternative food products, ensuring the menu complies with the revised regulations and meets all nutritional standards.

The service was awarded the Food For Life Served Here Bronze Award in December 22 and we continue to work with the Soil Association to achieve the Silver award status.  An annual review is underway by the Soil Association to verify continued compliance with Food For Life Served Here standards and an application is submitted for Early Years settings to achieve the Bronze award status.    


The Estates service has robust measures in place to monitor performance with regards gas safety compliance across the Operational Estate.  Officers continue to progress reactive repairs across the Education and Operational Estate, with over 150-200 repairs processed on average every month through Property Maintenance or our external contractors.  All internal and external defibrillators have now been installed across the educational estate as well as within specific operational properties. 18 external defibrillators have also been installed across the corporate estate, with these now registered on the national ‘Circuit’ and accessible to the general public.

The Quality Assurance team continue to inspect cleaning standards across the educational estate, with over 40 assets inspected and reports produced monthly.  

Estates Management continue to market vacant premises within the non-operational estate.  At present the non-operational estate is over 92% occupied, with vacant suites in Southbank Marina and the Kirkintilloch 

Learning Centre 2 (following the Council services relocating to Southbank House and Southbank Marina Block 1) due to be marketed for lease in early course.  

Officers continue to progress disposals with colleagues in Legal Services to ensure that capital receipts are delivered and ongoing liabilities i.e. non-domestic rates, utilities, security etc are reduced. 

Development & Investment

The Service continues to progress a wide range of capital projects both in pre-construction and construction phases.  Phase 2 of the Allander Leisure Centre, comprised of the new sportsdrome and remainder of car park and landscaping was completed in mid-December.  Construction continues to progress well at Lennoxtown High Park (est. completion April 2024).

Good progress continues to be made through the pre-construction phase of the Westerhill Development Road, funded via the City Deal programme.  The preferred route for the road was approved by Council in December 2023 and further preparations are now underway to complete archaeological, topographical and detailed site investigations during the first half of 2024.

Planning approval has now been received for the temporary decant of Bearsden and Milngavie Primary Schools to Bearsden Academy and Oakburn Park sites respectively.  A decision on the planning applications for the refurbishment of each school, alongside the Twechar Outdoor Pursuits Centre and Balmuildy Primary Schools is now expected at Planning Board in March 2024.

Detailed design development is now underway at Balmuildy Primary School and preparations are on-going for the forthcoming tender exercise for the project, with works due to commence in Summer 2024.  A report on the feasibility review of options to replace Westerton Primary School was approved by Council in December 2023 and officers are now in the process of further investigating the development risks associated with each option.

Development proposals for the next phase of the Council’s Affordable Housing Investment Programme (comprising up to 11 sites across the area) have now reached the end of RIBA Stage 2.  An update will be presented for Council via the updated Housing Capital Investment Plan in early 2024/25.

Capital projects across the Council’s existing Affordable Housing stock, including kitchen and bathroom replacement, roof replacement, external wall insulation projects and central heating replacement continue to progress across the area, as are a wide range of projects across the operational estate.

The Service continues to develop the next phase of a building decarbonisation strategy for the school estate, operational estate and for the existing affordable housing stock, with a variety of surveys, pilot projects and further feasibility reviews planned throughout the financial year and due to inform the next update to the Council’s Corporate Asset Management Plan and Strategic Housing Investment Plan in 2024.

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety team provides a range of occupational safety and health services, including advice on statutory guidance, safe working and training, incident reporting and investigation, including RIDDOR. 

In December, the main focus of the H&S Team was on Construction, Design and Management (CDM) compliance visits around the council projects, working with Trade Union colleagues to set out and finalise workplace inspections checklists and close out H&S incident investigations.

The H&S team offered guidance, assistance and assessments for different sectors including Criminal Justice, HSCP with new clinical room arrangements at KHCC, Streetscene and Greenspace H&S review, Community Planning and Waste, assisting them in reviewing their Standard Operating Procedure for hopper cleaning.

The CDM visits undertaken in December include projects such as Canal St and other Path Improvements projects, Canniesburn Toll, Regent Gardens and several projects in schools.

Their primary focus is to ensure the safe completion of all projects by collaborating closely with services and external contractors. Furthermore, council Health and Safety officers have actively engaged with Principal Designers to investigate incidents and discuss best practices.  

The team worked closely with Property Maintenance on Gas Management and site inspection visits. The team continues to undertake Work in Progress audits for our domestic gas engineers.

In December, the team conducted H&S training for different departments such as Risk Assessment training for Central Record store staff and working individually with FM Building Managers. We are currently reviewing Incident Reporting Training with our partners to upgrade our internal training courses.

During this month, Occupational Health conducted two days of clinics capturing members of staff ranging from Greenspace and Streetscene, Mugdock Country Park, Roads, Criminal Justice and Waste. Work was carried out to support “The Circuit” when giving out specific location instructions of AED units within a council building. The team also regularly works with Human Resources to address enquiries and provide guidance for specific cases and undertake workplace assessments in relation to supporting employees’ medical issues affecting them at work and recommending reasonable adjustments. 

The fire safety team undertook a Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations survey for Hilton and Broomhill, compiled a Fire Safety Management Plan for use whilst building works are being carried out at John St House and reviewed fire emergency plans when temporary faults in system arise for schools and other operational buildings. The team continues to provide guidance in fire safety around our buildings such as advice with fire doors and other administrative controls. The team worked closely with the new Allander Leisure Centre and established new assembly points now the facility has been fully opened to the public.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus  

  • Achieved 100% compliance for Gas Servicing with focus on this continuing going forward. 
  • Positive level of performance in void turnaround times with 88% of properties completed within our target timescales
  • Kitchen, Bathroom, Central Heating and Roofing upgrade programmes ongoing with positive feedback being received from tenants across all contracts.
  • Continue to monitor and improve void turnaround times with a view to maintaining and exceeding performance target.
  • Assess and improve functionality of Total Mobile and the integration with Servitor to enable a more streamlined and efficient service.  Continue to monitor and increase levels of performance in non-emergency reactive repairs.
  • Improve communications with customers and stakeholders to ensure the highest level of service delivery.
  • Continue to utilise robust reporting mechanisms for enhanced performance and service delivery.
  • Continue to carry out the installation of Smoke & Heat alarms for tenants and residents in East Dunbartonshire.
  • Progress decoration works across school estate.
  • 100% of Operational Assets requiring a Gas Safety check within the year’s anniversary of the previous check are completed.
  • Schedule in the upcoming Gas Safety Checks, which are required during January and February with contractors.
  • Improve uptake of nutritious school meals.
  • Improve communications with customers and stakeholders to ensure the highest level of service delivery.
  • Reduce FM overtime.
  • Continue to promote reporting of health and safety incidents throughout the council and programme health and safety inspections of council workplaces.

Community Services

222 targeted decriminalised parking enforcement initiatives and patrols in response to complaints, service requests and intelligence received, compared with a target of 100   88% of environmental health high risk food safety inspections and public health service request responses delivered within target timescales, compared with a target of 85%   Rent loss due to void properties £13,692.05, compared with a target of £10,833.00   Average length of time taken to re-let properties in the last year, 83.5 days, compared with a  target of 60 days

Overview of Progress

Community Protection Service

Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Community Safety Teams

The Community Protection Service delivers on a broad statutory remit, with delivery measures centred on protecting public health and safety, well-being and consumer protection. During the course of December 2023, the service continued to engage in the local Co-Production arrangement with Police Scotland. This resulted in a significant amount of joint work and coordinated activity to protect local communities across the East Dunbartonshire area. The service also continued to develop intelligence led approaches for all areas of work in order to target local public health, community safety and consumer protection activity towards the areas of greatest need, risk and priority. 

The Environmental Health Team was engaged in the delivery of essential public health services throughout the reporting period in order to protect the community from hazards in the environment and to regulate and facilitate the growth of responsible businesses. The service was in demand for a range of service requests from the public as well as responding to internal partners in Planning for new developments and regarding noise impact assessments and to Licensing for late hours catering licences and extension of hours.

The Trading Standards Team was engaged in the delivery of essential consumer protection and licensing services to local consumers and businesses to maintain and protect a fair-trading environment in East Dunbartonshire. Activity in December included heightened scam prevention messaging on seasonal scams and on-going work to promote the East Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader Scheme, with focus being placed upon local business participation. Licensing Advisers and Police Scotland undertook winter safety visits to on-license premises during the festive party season. The Licensing Advisers and Trading Standards Officers in the team also continued to deliver a wide range of reactive work and project activity at a range of business premises across the area.

The Community Safety Team continued to deliver a broad range of front-line work for the benefit of local communities during the course of the reporting period, working closely with a range of colleagues and key partners to successfully deliver appropriate interventions and to make our local communities safer. Officers from the team were engaged in the delivery of services in relation to community engagement/support, antisocial behaviour, youth disorder, neighbour disputes, environmental incivilities, dog control, decriminalised parking enforcement, fly-tipping, mediation, pest control and mobile CCTV. The Community Wardens have also been developing further links within the local communities they serve, getting involved in a number of initiatives and events that have been taking place across the Council area.

Community Planning and Partnerships Team 

The team continue to deliver the resettlement agenda, supporting individuals and families to successful integration and empowerment of displaced individuals, by providing a tailored case management approach.
Using a community learning and development approach, the team continue to connect, engage, and involve communities in decision-making processes, particularly those affected by inequalities, to ensure their voices are heard and needs met.
The Community Grants Scheme was open for applications, that will be considered by the Grants Advisory Committee and then ultimately by Community Planning Partnership Board in March.  Interest from communities in the grants is high with support being provided by the team and partners on capacity building and guidance on application completion. Community groups are encouraged to look beyond local funding as per the Funder Fayre of November and Funder Workshops and events which continue to be provided. 

Through the targeted work within our Locality areas, the team continue to promote lifelong learning, skills development, and community empowerment.  This includes the delivery of Pockets, Places, and Prosperity programme within our Locality areas.

The team remain steadfast in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion and actively collaborating with local organisations to plan and deliver initiatives targeting discrimination. Particular progress in the Gaelic Language Plan consultation – with good participation rates from gaelic and non gaelic speaking communities. The outcomes of this will be reported to Committee in Spring. Work also progressing for the British Sign Language Plan, working alongside interested communities.

The team have been working diligently to ensure the smooth delivery of the vaccination programmes to our community.  With the experience gained from previous winter programmes, we had developed comprehensive plans to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of the winter vaccination programme. Across December then Merkland Primary School was being used alongside Milngavie Town Hall for vaccination roll out, 1 day per week at each site. Our focus remains on protecting the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Housing Operations, Estates and Homelessness and Prevention Teams

Housing manages 3830 social rented properties; 3772 of these are mainstream accommodation and 58 are used for Homeless Temporary Accommodation.  The service also manages 63 Lead Tenancies which are rented from either private landlords (42) or Housing Associations (21), to assist with accommodating homeless households.

At present, the Housing list for East Dunbartonshire has 2527 applications - made up of the following:

General Waiting list 1816 applicants waiting (28 currently on offer)

(Applicants who have somewhere to stay i.e., they are owner occupiers, a tenant of a private let, stay care of family etc. This queue allows the applicant to choose which area, house type etc they would like to move to).

Transfer waiting list  470 applicants (19 currently on offer)

(Council or Housing Association tenants who are looking to move to another Council or Housing Association property, either for a different size, or, for a different area. This queue allows the tenant to choose which area, house type etc. they would like to move to).

Priority waiting list   231 applicants (18 currently on offer)


(Applicants who have no accommodation or will have nowhere to stay within the next 2 months. This queue does not allow the applicant to choose area or house type).

Priority waiting list   16 applicants (2 currently on offer)

(Urgent medical)

(Applicants who are unable to remain in their current home due to their medical condition. This queue allows the applicant to choose which area, house type etc. they would like to move to).

Within the last month, 15 properties have been let or re-let; 14 mainstream and 1 buyback

14 were general need properties and 1 were sheltered.

They were let to the following queues:

  • 2 were let to applicants on the transfer queue.
  • 5 were let to applicants on the general waiting list queue.
  • 8 were let to applicants on the priority homeless queue.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

Community Protection Service

Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Community Safety Teams

  • Delivery of effective services on a flexible basis in order to meet all statutory requirements and duties in relation to public health, community safety, consumer protection and licensing enforcement matters.
  • Delivery of local Co-Production activity between Community Protection and Police Scotland, with particular focus on effective tasking processes and the delivery of joint action plans and work to protect the communities of East Dunbartonshire.
  • Delivery of Business Improvement Plan activity relating to Community Protection - actions being implemented in accordance with set targets in order to deliver effective services in line with relevant corporate outcomes and with positive performance being reported.
  • Delivery of regulatory services that assist with economic recovery and that are designed to support local businesses and communities.
  • A Private Water Supply sample failed as both E. Coli and coliforms were detected.  The sample was taken at a domestic property which does not have an effective treatment system. The affected householder was advised not to consume the water but to boil or use bottled water for drinking and cleaning teeth and to contact Environmental Health once improvements have been made to their filtration and treatment system for a re-sample to be obtained.
  • Several animal welfare licences such as pet shops and dog breeders were due for renewal with officers undertaking inspections at all of the premises in question.
  • Officers investigated an influx of abandoned vehicle reports which equated to a significant percentage of all wider Environmental Protection complaints.
  • A remedial action notice (RAN) was served on a local takeaway due to poor cleanliness and lack of food safety management system which resulted in the business having to close. The RAN was withdrawn following improvements being made which allowed the business to reopen.
  • A request was received from Public Health Protection Unit (PHPU) to investigate possible sources of a legionella infection that was community acquired. Water samples were taken from the patient’s home which came back as negative and two places of interest that were noted by PHPU were followed up on but showed no possible legionella sources.
  • Continued delivery of targeted patrols within our local communities aimed at tackling an increase in reports of low-level incivilities (particularly dog fouling and littering).  We also continued with joint dog fouling patrols in Lennox Forrest working with colleagues from Forestry and Land Scotland.
  • Delivery of the Junior Warden Scheme at Holy Family Primary School with 61 Primary 6 and 7 pupils successfully completing the programme. The Scheme promotes good citizenship, with the achievements of the children being recognised through the Dynamic Youth Awards Programme.  The next programme is due to start in January at Craigdhu Primary and 38 Primary 6 and 7 pupils will be taking part. 
  • Delivery of interventions and appropriate outcomes for a number of young persons referred to the Early & Effective Intervention Group which is coordinated and chaired by the Community Safety Team.
  • Local surgeries have now commenced in the Bishopbriggs area.  These surgeries provide residents and members of the public the opportunity to speak directly (in confidence) with members of the Community Safety Team to report concerns, issues that they may be experiencing in their communities.  It is proposed that other areas will also be added over time.  We have also been attending a number of community run events including ‘Bite and a Blether’, the Lennoxtown Youth Project, and are also due to commence regular attendance at the Bield Sheltered Housing in Milngavie.
  • Continued to assist colleagues in Traffic & Transport and Police Scotland with the delivery of the Traffic Free School pilot which commenced in a number of our primary schools in November.  
  • Delivery of community safety activity for the 2023 Festive Safety Campaign - Community Wardens out and about assisting the public, providing reassurance, deterring crime, supporting businesses and helping to keep the streets of East Dunbartonshire safe. 
  • Delivery of on-going workplan activity by Trading Standards to maintain local business compliance with legislative requirements relating to tobacco and nicotine vapour products.
  • Delivery of reactive work and festive initiatives by the Trading Standards Team throughout the reporting period.
  • On-going promotion of the East Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader scheme through relevant channels, with the aim of attracting further local traders to join the scheme.
  • Delivery of targeted joint visits in conjunction with colleagues from Police Scotland during the festive period to assess local compliance with licensing conditions.

Community Planning and Partnerships Team

  • Managing the corporate equalities agenda with focus on Violence Against Women, the Gaelic Language Plan and British Sign Language Plan to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Continuation of support to community groups and organisations through the planned Funder Ready Workshops and Funder Fayre held November 2023, to build their capacity and ensure they are able to take advantage of all funding opportunities available for them.
  • The team are actively engaged in collaboration with stakeholders and partners to deliver priorities of our Locality area communities.
  • Community Grant Scheme is open Round 2 of 2023/24 with high interest from communities in applying.
  • Promotion of the Winter Connections Programme with the assessment panel meeting weekly to assess applications and award as appropriate of up to £1,500.
  • Delivery of Pockets, Places and Prosperity programmes in Auchinairn, Hillhead and Harestanes.
  • In collaboration with children and young people integrating into our communities, planned an engaging, interactive focus session to ensure the voice of “new scots” children and young people voices are heard.
  • Continue to support Empowered to create an interactive and engaging 16 Days of Action campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse, enabling increased understanding of how to report and where individuals can access support.
  • Focused on developing lived experience forum using human approach.
  • The vaccination venue of Merkland School in Kirkintilloch is operating well. Milngavie Town Hall also continues to be used for vaccination programmes.
  • Working with NHS GGC Board, on arrangements to deliver the winter vaccination programme which offers COVID booster and Flu to eligible individuals.

Housing Operations – Estates

Key Achievement

  • 2 new anti-social cases received.
  • 2 open anti-social cases resolved.
  • 2 nominations sent to Registered Social Landlords to be considered for allocation to their stock.
  • Percentage of tenancy sustainment was 90%.
  • Void rent loss has decreased, joint working with the void and rewire/asbestos teams continues.
  • Monthly Housing Liaison meeting attended to discuss cases with Social Work, Antisocial Team and Police Scotland.
  • Monthly meeting with Police Scotland and Community Safety to discuss more serious anti-social cases.
  • Monthly attendance at MARAC meeting with other agencies.
  • involvement in supporting the new IHMS as commitment/resources/time is increasing due to ‘go live’ date getting closer.

Areas of focus

  • Involvement by internal audit into the management of housing dampness and mould ongoing in 2023.
  • Identify training needs and hold quarterly sessions for reviewing policies and procedures with teams.
  • Involvement in ASP (Adult Protection) Inspection.
  • Part of Scrutineers Meeting this month and delivered presentation on Tenant’s Charter.
  • Percentage of tenancies refused was 50%. This is an increase from 25% in November.

Homelessness & Prevention Team

Key Achievements

  • 13 homeless applications taken all applicants had a local connection to East Dunbartonshire
  • Christmas baskets provided to all households in Rapid Access and interim accommodation
  • Christmas toys delivered to all children in temporary accommodation (provided by Cash for Kids on 20 December)
  • 12 calls to out of hours service over festive season
  • In terms of Short Term Lets then 4 applications referred to appeals board – all approved with conditions

Customer Services & Organisational Development

It took an average of 1.5 minutes to answer calls within Customer Services, compared with a target of 3 minutes

Overview of Progress

Communications & Engagement

Key areas of focus in November for the Communications & Engagement Team included festive information such as free carparking on Saturdays, the Provost’s Christmas Card competition and Appeal, and changes to festive operating hours. 
Media relations activity slightly decreased this month due to the festive period, with 13 media releases issued (19 in November), 6 photocalls (same figure as November) and 6 media enquiries (13 in November) received over the month. 
All releases are on the Council website news section and the local coverage achieved equated to an equivalent advertising value of £7,404 (11,628 in November).  
Social media posts continued to generate good interaction across a range of themes while we continued to grow our followers on all channels bar X (Twitter). The top three posts on Facebook in December were the closure of Balmore Road between Christmas and New Year, a fallen tree on the B8048, and the winner of the Plot of the Year award. 
Top three X (Twitter) posts also included the fallen tree as well as the Council’s approach to the Pavement Parking legislation and the free parking on Saturdays in December. 
The most watched video on YouTube was the live stream of the Council meeting on 14 December and on Facebook it was the festive bin collection changes. 

Corporate Performance

In December 2023, the Corporate Performance and Research team continued to fulfil required duties in relation to reporting of performance and risk management at a corporate level and provision of service level data and statistical support. The team also continues to ensure the Council has adequate insurance arrangements in place, acting as a point of escalation in regards to any claims made. All business as usual work was completed within agreed timescales.

Customer Services

The Customer Services team continued to deliver customer services across all channels in December. The Customer Services team worked steadily across December responding to enquiries via all customer contact channels. A lower-than-average call volume throughout December (down almost 30% on the monthly average across the rest of the year) contributed to a much improved average time to answer of 1minute 50 seconds. This also provided the team with the opportunity to undertake valuable refresher training. 

The Emergency Response Centre team continue to prepare for the replacement public space CCTV system and the new digital community alarm call handling platform, implementation of these new systems will begin early 2024. 

Human Resources & Organisational Development

In December, the team has continued to provide support for employees and managers on HR policy and guidance notes, with support in attendance on Employee Relations case work. Payroll has processed the payruns within timescales and completed statutory reports and preparation for the SPPA annual pension return. In addition to delivering training sessions this month, People Development again continued to support the Council’s Moodle e-learning platform including configuration of programs/courses, dynamic rules, system testing, user configuration & reporting. The Job Evaluation team has worked with services to carry out a number of JE interviews and reviews of role profiles throughout the month.  

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

Communications & Engagement

  • Design of Taking Part magazine and Rent Setting consultation materials, as well as promotion of the magazine online via the website and social media 
  • Delivered communications for the installation of defibrillators across East Dunbartonshire including co-ordination of photocall, press release and social media. 
  • Supported the Provost’s Christmas Card competition with photocalls, press releases, letter to schools, judging and the creation of the winning card.  
  • Delivered communications to show the Council’s support for a water safety campaign with photocall, press release and social media. 
  • Promotion of various Major Asset projects including Allander Sports Centre and Lennoxtown High Park. 
  • Continued the manual content migration to the new Corporate website with the creation of hundreds of pages and continued to support the design of the new EDLC website. 

Corporate Performance

  • Benchmarking exercise undertaken to inform 2024 budget setting process
  • Data support provided in relation to the ongoing inspection of Adult Social Work services
  • Continued assistance provided to the change team in relation to the rollout of ORACLE Fusion
  • An interactive small area stats map has been developed as a tool for officers to use to inform plans and strategies
  • Preparation is now underway for the Council’s annual insurance renewal

Customer Services

  • Training for new agents and refresher training for existing agents continues to ensure the team have the required knowledge to appropriately respond to all customer enquiries
  • Preparation Work for the ERC team continues for the new shared digital call handling platform for telecare community alarms.
  • User testing continues for the new Netcall CRM system
  • Scoping of the timeline and requirements begins for the replacement public space CCTV system which will provide greatly improved CCTV monitoring functionality

Human Resources & Organisational Development

  • Continued engagement with the Trade Unions on strategic and operation HR initiatives.
  • Pay Awards - Following settlement of the Local Government Workers Pay Award, preparatory work undertaken to allow for implementation. In addition, preparatory work for the Teachers uplift effective in January 2024.
  • The People Development team delivered nine sessions across topics including SMART Working, Health and Safety & Leadership topics.
  • Supporting Oracle FUSION including training design, updates to Moodle & admin preparation for training sessions
  • Continued facilitation of regulatory training for frontline services via approved providers
  • Development of e-learning authoring tool, to support creation of EDC policy training.
  • Research and development of Future Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) for 2024.
  • Working with services, undertaken a series of Job Evaluation interviews and review of role profiles.

East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust

EDLC had a total of 14,452 Gym Direct Debit Memberships, compared with a target of 11,800

Overview of Progress

Leisure Centres                                 Period 9

Target:                                                75,784                                                            

Actual:                                                 81.584            

Detail Actual  Allander   Kirkintilloch   Leisuredrome  
Wetside   27,993   13,361 5,942   8,690 
Dryside 53,591  23,516  14,900 15,175
Total  81,584 - - -


For period 9 there were 23,308 visits in person and digital usage was 56,765, totaling 80,073.  This represents 98% of the overall target for the period.

Detail Actual Target Actual as % of target
Physical    23,308 29,439 79% 
Digital  56,765  52,661  108% 
Total  80,073  82,100  98%

Physical footfall has reduced significantly in period 9, reflecting the ongoing closure of Bearsden Library.

Westerton Library has increased its opening hours to help Bearsden users access library services, and has seen its usage increase by 146%, though this has not compensated, in full, for the reduction in footfall at Bearsden.


Period 9 2022/23

Period 9 2023/24














For period 9 there were 3,002 visits in person and digital usage was 3,450, totaling 6,452.  This represents 126% of the overall target for the period. 

Detail Actual  Target  Actual as % of target
Physical 3,002   1,568   191%  
Digital 3,450   3,532 98%
Total   6.452  5,100 127%

While physical footfall has exceeded target significantly, digital usage has failed to reach target for only the second time this year, by 2%.  Period 1 is the only other period, so far, this year, where the target has not been achieved.     

Sports Development

Term time class income dropped again this month down to 2,885 members, largely due to class cancellations following sickness absences.  With coach recruitment, staff due to return and an increase in classes, numbers should increase again in the new year.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

Allander Leisure Centre

Allender’s first Swimming Gala took place on 2 December. Utilising the Omega touch pad and computerised timing equipment. The event hosted 120 swimmers and over 100 spectators.

The car park and Sports Dome were officially handed over late December. A communication plan and open nights were arranged for the launch of the facilities from the 8 January.

Bookings during the 5 days between Christmas and New Year were especially high, operating with reduced opening hours. (7 hours x 5 days)

Average hourly usage 130 participants per hour, compared to 61participants per hour in 2022.

Key figures   2023 2022
Participants Total 4,543 2146
Gym  1,285 288
Free Gym 292 109
Racket Bookings 144hrs  82hrs

Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre

P9 at KLC was relatively quiet in respect of major facility initiatives given the time of year, with the focus on various plant and building management systems being serviced without the requirement for centre closure.

This included boiler works and winter air conditioning and handling systems, as well as further investigation works regarding the two swimming pools liners. In respect of activity usage there were good levels of interest for Gym sign ups by prospective members.


The Leisuredrome suffered its quietist period of the year with all activity participation dropping with the run up to the Festive period.

The Pool flume was made available each day between Christmas and New Year.

Last year the outdoor football pitches at the Leisuredrome and Kirkintilloch were not used at all so a discounted offer was advertised to promote this activity.

The Leisuredrome received 8 bookings and KLC 12 bookings.


The visitor figure has significantly exceeded its target due to a loan of 15 Joan Eardley paintings to Glasgow School of Art (GSA). There were 1,732 visitors to the GSA Reid Gallery over the course of period 9.

December welcomed No Nonsense Theatre Company to Kilmardinny Arts Centre. The two performances of “A Christmas Carol” attracted an audience of 164, which was 75% of maximum capacity.

The ever-popular arts programme saw 80 participants in workshops across cultural venues, prior to the programme winding up for the Christmas break.

Digital engagement in period 9 included 1,325 searches of the online collections catalogue and 549 interactions with the Trails and Tales QR codes on walking trails.


Period 9 included the Christmas Lights switch on in Bishopbriggs, where the Library was the key community venue, with 1,906 people attending the event between 4pm and 8pm. Outdoor events included Santa’s Grotto, Wishing Tree craft session, make your own Christmas cards, school choirs and a visit from the Provost. Inside the library was a marketplace, with baked goods, toys and Christmas gifts on sale; and a display by Macmillan Cancer.

In Kirkintilloch, the library offered children’s craft sessions, with refreshments for parents, to complement the Christmas Lights switch on. Over 400 people attended.

The Children and Families team ran special Christmas themed BookBug sessions at the larger branches; and “Stories Round The Christmas Tree” activity events were held at Hillhead and Lennoxtown primary schools.

Sports Development

The 2024 coach education brochure was launched this month offering a range of courses for club leaders, coaches and volunteers including first aid and child wellbeing & protection along with some new courses such as health & safety, anti-bullying and volunteer management.

Term time courses stopped mid-December for their annual closure over the festive period, the only 3 weeks of the year with no sports development activities running.  All classes resume on Friday 5th January 2024.


Attendance rates in secondary schools 84.61%, compared with a target of 92%   Attendance rates in primary schools 92.56%, compared with a target of 92%   Exclusion rates of young people in secondary schools (days lost) 13 compared with a target of 25   Exclusion rates of children in primary schools (days lost) 2, compared with a target of 10

Overview of Progress

  • The Service made good progress against priorities in the Business Improvement Plan (BIP) 2023-2026.
  • Key achievements included the publication of positive Education Scotland inspection reports for the Community Learning and Development (CLD) Service, Turnbull High School and Clober Primary School and Early Years Centre. All inspection reports will be shared with the Education Committee in January 2024.

Key Areas of Focus

  • The Early Years Team are preparing for a Collaborative Improvement quality assurance process in partnership with Education Scotland and the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES). The process is intended to support the Service to evaluate the impact of leadership on outcomes for children in Literacy. The process will inform future approaches to raising attainment in Literacy.
  • The Education Leadership Team will collaborate to collate and organise data and evidence for the National Covid-19 Inquiry.
  • The Quality Improvement Team will support Head Teachers and schools to implement new policy frameworks recently presented to Education Committee:
  • Promoting Relationships, Behaviour and Learning in Education
  • Managing Un-Notified Absences of children in East Dunbartonshire Educational Establishments (Including Early Years Private, Voluntary, and Independent Funded Providers)

Early Years and Supporting Families

  • The under 3s moderation group are currently piloting the ‘Being Me Under Three’ development pathway, created by seven Early Years Centres from Council and partnership settings. Feedback provided has been very positive; almost all centres involved in the pilot are using the document to track the development of children who are under 3 years old. A few centres have designed supporting materials, including an environment audit and next steps record.
  • The Early Years Teachers’ Professional Learning Community took place to discuss stimulating play provocations (thoughtfully planned activities) and tracking children’s learning. The Early Level Support Teachers presented on provocations to help build the capacity of practitioners. There were opportunities for practitioners to share approaches to tracking. The session was highly evaluated and well attended.  
  • The Admissions Policy was updated to reflect current national guidance on eligibility criteria Hyperlinked information will improve ease of access for parents/carers.
  • The Supporting Families Service received 16 referrals from multi-agencies and self-referrals. 47 families are currently being supported through a 1 to 1 intervention. 8 parents completed the Fear-Less group workshop in December. The 6 -week programme supports families to manage their own stress as well as anxiety of their children. Feedback from parents is very good with some noting that they feel less stressed. 

All Schools: Education Scotland Inspection Reports

  • Turnbull High School: The inspection team identified many key strengths in the school’s work, including the leadership of the Headteacher, very high and consistent levels of attainment, the performance of young people who reside in the most deprived SIMD areas, strong approaches to monitoring progress and attainment, provision of targeted support, support for young carers and care experienced young people, partnership working in the cluster and the school’s strong, faith based ethos and Catholic identity.
  • One key areas of focus for improvement was identified. The school will continue to act on the views of young people to inform improvement, particularly in what and how they learn.
  • The inspection evaluated the school as follows:
    • Leadership for Change - Very Good
    • Learning, Teaching and Assessment - Very Good
    • Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality & Inclusion - Very Good
    • Raising Attainment and Achievement - Very Good
  • Clober Primary School and Early Years Centre: The inspection team identified strengths in children’s achievements and successes in the Early Years Centre, work on Children’s Rights, an environment where the school’s vision, values and aims supports strong, nurturing relationships, the pride children have in their school and the work of the staff to provide a range of effective supports to address children’s barriers to learning.
  • Key areas of focus for improvement include opportunities for children to set targets to improve and lead their learning, consistent high-quality learning and teaching across the school and raising attainment.
  • The inspection evaluated the school as follows:
    • Leadership of Change – Good
    • Learning, Teaching and Assessment – Good
    • Raising Attainment and Achievement – Good
    • Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion - Good
  • The inspection evaluated the Early Years Centre as follows:
  • Leadership of Change – Good
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment – Good
  • Securing Children’s Progress – Good
  • Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion – Good
  • All Inspection reports will be shared with the Education Committee in January 2024.
  • Almost all probationers made satisfactory progress towards meeting the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) Standards for Full Registration and their Interim 1 profiles were submitted to the GTCS.
  • The GTCS was notified that a few probationers were evaluated as cause for concern. They have been identified to the Probationer Manager, and a programme of additional support will be planned and agreed with schools.
  • 56 students completed placements in East Dunbartonshire Primary and Secondary schools.

Skills for Life, Learning and Work

  • Inspectors from Education Scotland carried out a Community Learning and Development (CLD) progress visit. The inspection team gathered evidence to evaluate CLD’s work using themes from How Good Is Our Community Learning and Development?
  • The two key areas looked at by inspectors were: How well does the performance of the local authority and their CLD partners demonstrate positive impact?  and How effective is the leadership of the local authority and their CLD partners in improving outcomes?
  • The inspection identified key strengths including strong leadership, effective partnership approaches and services which are improving the lives of learners and communities. Areas of focus for improvement include the requirement for planning to have a continued focus on improved measurable outcomes and that leaders ensure that CLD priorities are well understood by staff and partners. Youth and community voice will continue to be included in the Plan.
  • Overall, the inspection team evaluated CLD services as “The local authority and their CLD partners are making sufficient progress with their CLD plan and have the capacity to continue to improve. As a result, HM Inspectors will take no further action in relation to this progress visit.” This is the highest evaluative statement that can be awarded.

School Planning and Improvement Team

  • Registrations closed for P1 and S1 pupils and analysis is currently underway to support planning for Session 2024/25.
  • Workforce planning for all schools progressing in conjunction with the P1 and S1 intakes.
  • Lenzie Academy project refresh meeting took place following the award of LEIP3 funding. Further work is now planned to progress this project.

Finance & Digital Services

A total of £1,407,751 in rent Arrears - Active accounts, compared with a target of £990,000.00   The percentage of income from council tax due, received by the end of the year 83.36%, compared with a target of 83.75%   Housing Benefit - Average Days to fully process new claims 19, compared with a target of 22   Council Tax Reduction - Average Days to fully process new claims 19, compared with a target of 25

Overview of Progress


The month of December saw the Finance Team progressing work on systems working towards the Oracle Fusion General Ledger replacement. Work is continuing on the budget process for 2024/25, alongside monitoring of the current position.

The Council continues to deliver against an ambitious capital programme supported largely by borrowing. Treasury Management Reporting continues to highlight the increasing revenue costs associated with the current programme with ongoing affordability being challenged within a tight funding settlement. Future Reports to Council will continue to provide updates on the programme the associated costs and any mitigations required.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit has been focussing on progressing the 2023/24 audit plan, with 17 audits for the Council and the HSCP underway.  Work nearing completion includes School Transport, Social Work Payments, Interim Care Home Funding and Dampness and Mould.  Consultancy work has been ongoing with regards to the Oracle Fusion Project and a pilot piece of work is underway, seeking to provide assurance over the Council’s payments to providers utilising data analytics techniques.

The team also prepared an internal audit update paper for the HSCP’s Performance, Audit and Risk Committee in January 2024.

Corporate Fraud

The Corporate Fraud Team has been focusing on the investigation of referrals received and proactive vetting of applications continues for services such as Housing, Education, Licensing and Estates to secure the gateways by preventing fraud or error entering the system. 

The school registration applications opened in November 2023 and as expected this has resulted in an increase in the number of referrals received and applications requiring vetting. The team continue to work in conjunction with Shared Services to identify and investigate potentially fraudulent applications.      

Work has continued on the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) data matches, which were released in early 2023, with this work nearing completion.  The team have now also received further 1,394 data matches from the Cabinet Office, who administer the NFI exercise.  These further matches have predominately occurred as a result of the matching of HMRC records against Council Tax and Housing records, with a small number of matches also relating to Scottish Public Pensions Agency data. This is the first time that this data match has been performed and given the large number of matches it is anticipated that work on these additional matches will be completed around Autumn 2024. 

Testing of the new Customer Management System has been finalised from a Corporate Fraud perspective and the system appears to be working as expected. 

The team is pursing the development of in-house anti-fraud and bribery training materials. Two other Councils have shared their Counter Fraud training materials and these will be utilised as a starting point.

Revenues & Benefits

The Revenues and Benefits team have continued to progress Council Tax and Benefits services and administration of the Scottish Welfare Fund. The team continues to develop the new Document Management System to improve the efficiency of the system. The team continues to encourage customers to apply for online accounts for the new system which enables customers to apply for all Council Tax exemptions, discounts and housing benefits. The application form for Household Support Payment went live and the team has been processing these as they come in.

The team provided Scottish Welfare Fund support during the Christmas period.

The Council Tax Collection Rate at 83.36% is marginally behind expectations (83.75%) at this point in the year with an increase noted in arrangements to repay arrears over several months. Collection rates continue to be closely monitored with the Council’s Recovery and Enforcement Procedures being applied and individuals being signposted to the exemptions and discounts available as appropriate.

Shared Services

The Shared Services Team continues to provide support across all Council services. The Education Team are processing school registration applications for academic year 2024/25 and made payments to families in receipt of Free School Meals for the holiday period. The Social Work Team continued preparations for Adult Support & Protection (ASP) Inspection. The Homecare Team continue to support a new initiative from the Planning & Commissioning Team processing variations in addition to their normal workload.

ICT Services

The ICT Services team continue to support the Council’s information technology systems and services to ensure high availability and performance in line with agreed service levels. The Team resolved almost 1,500 tickets in December and dealt with almost 400 telephone calls. ICT continues to support the migration of services to Microsoft 365 (M365) in partnership with the Business and Digital Change Team. The ICT Security team continues to monitor the estate and perimeter defences alongside ongoing improvements to ensure that our systems and data are protected.

ICT provided support cover over the holiday period to ensure that all services were supported.

Housing Rent and Tenant Participation

Housing Operations

Housing Operations, Rents continues to prioritise the maximisation of rental income and to assist and support tenants who are engaging and may be struggling to meet their rent liability.  Pre-tenancy contact with applicants who have recently accepted an offer remains a successful resource in preparing payment plans and rent affordability before tenancy sign up.

Tenant Participation

Direct ongoing support is being provided to active Tenants and Residents Associations and newsletter issue 60 was sent to all tenants.

Business & Digital Change Team

During December, the Business & Digital Change Team have continued to support services across the Council in the delivery of key strategic digital development projects. 

The Team also continues to support our corporate business systems, ensuring incidents are resolved promptly and that all systems remain supported and upgraded in line with an agreed plan.  We also ensure our systems are reliable, resilient, scalable, standardised, value for money and secure.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focu


  • The Oracle Fusion General Ledger system replacement is continuing to be progressed, with Workstream Leads across Finance and Corporate Procurement liaising with the external implementation partners who are supporting the project.  The revised go-live date has been confirmed as February 2024.
  • Period 6 actuals have been reviewed against budget and the associated report has been prepared for committee in December.
  • 2024/25 budget preparation is ongoing for General Revenue and for Housing, HRA and General Services Capital.
  • The team continues to respond to external audit queries on the Council and Mugdock accounts as the external auditors continue their work. 
  • Work has started on two of our major external returns, the Local Financial Returns for the Scottish Government and the Whole of Government Accounts for the UK Government.
  • Staff development is a key focus and given a challenging external recruitment market, the service is aiming to upskill existing staff where possible. The Council has successfully renewed its position as an ACCA accredited employer.
  • The Treasury team continues to monitor cash flow closely, ensuring that there is liquidity for all Council activities.  Additional borrowing continues to be taken in line with the Council's capital programme expenditure.

Internal Audit

  • The team continues to progress the 2023/24 Internal Audit Plan, with work focussing on a range of Council and HSCP services.
  • Advice is continuing to be provided by Internal Audit in line with the Internal Audit Charter to support the enhancement of governance arrangements, risk management and controls. This has included advice in relation to new systems being implemented on request by management.

Corporate Fraud

  • Corporate Fraud is investigating allegations received, focusing on suspected fraud or error within Education, Housing and Revenues Services and on the remaining cases resulting from the National Fraud Initiative. 
  • The team also continues to undertake vetting on applications, from a number of services, in order to prevent to fraud and any potential reputational damage.

Revenues and Benefits

  • In the month of December, the team issued:
      • 2,000 Council Tax bills, 700 reminders, and 1,460 Benefits notifications
      • Over 120 Non-Domestic Rates bills.
  • Over 340 crisis grants and community care grants were awarded under the Scottish Welfare Fund.
  • The team received and dealt with almost 1,500 documents for Council Tax queries and reduction and over 850 for benefits.
  •  The team dealt with 1,900 telephone enquiries and 80 Household Support applications.

ICT Services

  • ICT Services are working closely with the Business and Digital Change Team to implement M365. This includes:
    • Decommissioning migration servers used for the email move.
    • Infrastructure support for the SharePoint migration.
  • The Infrastructure Team completed:
    • Completed the network upgrades at 3 primary schools.
    • The migration of the secondary data centre to Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).   This has the benefit of: materially increasing the bandwidth at these locations, the ability to divert internet traffic to the quickest route, and also the benefit of enhanced internet traffic monitoring facilities for each site.
    • Planning for upgrades of critical ICT infrastructure for 2024.
  • The ICT Security team:
    • Were notified of and investigated 4 security alerts.
    • Continue to progress the PSN renewal for 2023.
    • Upgraded the Internet Proxy Filter which prevents access to unauthorised websites.

Shared Services

  • The Residential Team added 80 service agreements to Carefirst for clients moving into care homes or for supported living services within their own homes. 
  • The Homecare Team added over 220 service agreements to Carefirst for clients receiving a homecare service or a direct payment. The team are supporting the Planning & Commissioning Team by processing variations from a new initiative.
  • The Direct Payment Audit Team - 16 direct payment audits finalised for clients receiving self-direct support (14 standard and 2 finals). 
  • The Education Team issued payments to over 1,000 families (over 1,600 pupils) in lieu of Free School Meals over the holiday period. The total paid out was almost £46,000.

Housing Rent Arrears

  • The Rents Team continue to support the change team with the development of the IHMS (NEC).
  • Housing Officers continue to utilise all avenues to maximise rental income and reduce rent arrears, escalating actions against tenants whose rent arrears are increasing, and also providing advice and assistance to tenants who engage and need additional support.
  • Reducing active tenant rent arrears continues to be a priority for the Housing Service.
  • Appointments with a Housing Officer are available at Kirkintilloch Job Centre every Tuesday morning to assist tenants in receipt of the Universal Credit housing element.
  • Issue 60 of Taking Part newsletter was issued to all EDC tenants, which includes an opportunity for tenants to respond and have their say as part of the rent setting consultation.
  • One tenant was assisted and successfully awarded payment from Hardship Fund directly towards rent payments.
  • Active Tenant Rent Arrears were £1,407,751.
  • Former Tenant Arrears are £772,039 with the team continuing to work on former rent arrears to bring this figure down.

Business & Digital Change

  • Phase 1 of the Roads Management System (RMMS) is now live and the new system is managing all Roads and Lighting enquiries.  Users from the relevant service areas have been trained on the new system and Roads Inspectors are completing inspections using the new RMMS on mobile devices.  Work continues with the service areas to gather system requirements for Phase 2 of the Roads Management System (RMMS) for our Flooding & Environment functions. 
  • Agreement has been made to extend the delivery timeline for the new CRM platform. This will ensure the team have additional time to ensure all process completion and improvements are completed.  Work continues to build and test new solutions with services across the Council.  
  • Work also continues to migrate content to the new Council website in preparation for launch.  The development work for the Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP) website is now complete and the design for the East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust (EDLC) site has been agreed and development work is in process. 
  • The Go Live timeline extension for Oracle Fusion from December 2023 to February 2024 has been approved.  This will allow for additional user acceptance testing and a further Data Migration cycle, which is currently in progress.  Training plans and go live communications are well underway. 
  • Our pilot for Microsoft Sharepoint is progressing well with our first service, Corporate Communications having now successfully migrated its unstructured files to Sharepoint.  The remaining six business units are scheduled during January 24. 
  • Following completion of a procurement exercise for our new waste management platform, initial meetings with the chosen supplier have begun and gathering of initial information of current processes is underway.  
  • Initial work on a business case and options appraisal for a new Legal case management platform is underway.  Draft outline requirements and benchmarking of current industry standards has been completed.  Next steps are to discuss recommendations with service for further discussion and agree the way forward. 
  • Work is underway to migrate legacy IBM Connections Communities to the new M365 Sharepoint platform following contract award to a support partner.
  • Business Systems succession planning completed enabling continued support of key transformational projects. 
  • Procurement is in progress for support services to upgrade Income Management, ARCGIS & TranMan Business Systems.
  • The new Booking system for desks, rooms, pool cars and pool bikes is due to be launched to all employees in January 2024. 
  • Work continues on the Analogue to Digital Telecare Transition – with the latest meetings focusing on the completion of commercial questionnaires, business continuity and disaster recovery on the new platform. Further meetings with the supplier will be organised for Jan/Feb to confirm pricing. 
  • Work has been completed on the Enterprise Architecture project, with the primary proposals and a full presentation to be put before Executive Officers late January. Next steps will be to identify opportunities for implementation in these proposals and begin planning complete business cases to move them forward.
  • Work has been delayed for the update of all live and historical records onto the Cemeteries System due to the Supplier encountering technical issues. Records are now due to be added to the system in January.

Health and Social Care Partnership

100% of customers (65+) met the target of 6 weeks from completion of community care assessment to service delivery, compared with a target of 100%     100% of individuals began a work placement within 7 working days of receiving a Community Payback Order, compared with a target of 80%     100% of initial child protection case conferences took place within 21 days from receipt of referral, compared with a target of 90%

Overview of Progress

The HSCP and its staff continue to work hard to ensure quality delivery of the Council’s operational delivery of statutory social work services, which are integrated with NHS services under the strategic governance of the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) Board. Service quality and outcomes associated with these specific social work services are the main focus of this report with particular reference to three identified performance indicators in accordance with the Council’s strategic approach to business improvement planning.

The wider objective is that improved customer and organisational outcomes can be achieved through successful integrated planning and collaborative delivery of health and social care functions, under single management, with a combined budget, working to a single set of outcomes and operating to a single Strategic Plan. The impact and performance of all of these integrated health and social care services overall are reported on a quarterly and annual basis to the HSCP Board and through agreed representation and reporting arrangements, to the Council.

During December 2023, the HSCP has performed on or above target on all of its identified performance indicators. Work is ongoing on implementing the 2023-24 Annual Delivery Plan actions.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus
Key Achievements:

  • Very positive inspection reports have been received for Ferndale and the Fostering and Adoption service, highlighting good practice including aspects that were rated as grade 6, sector leading.
  • Meikelhill and Pineview have recently received very positive Care Inspection reports.
  • The draft Self Directed Support Work Plan for 2024-2027 was published for public consultation.
  • Hundreds of Christmas presents and selection boxes were donated and distributed to vulnerable children within East Dunbartonshire in time for Christmas.
  • Promotional activity in support of:
    • Alcohol and Drug Partnership Strategy for 2023-2026 public consultation
    • Integration Scheme between East Dunbartonshire Council and NHS GGC public consultation
    • HSCP Budget public consultation

Areas of Focus:

Children and Criminal Justice Services:

  • Respond to the “Children at Risk of Harm” joint inspection outcomes.
  • Supporting Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children to begin their recovery and live in safety in nurturing placements in East Dunbartonshire.
  • Work is ongoing to redress the balance of care by reviewing out of authority placements and continuing the Foster Carer recruitment campaign.
  • Continue to develop as a Trauma Informed organisation
  • Update and implement new Child Protection Procedures
  • Ongoing implementation of Children’s House Project model, Year 3
  • Continue to develop tier 1 and tier 2 service for Children for children and young people with mental health challenges

Adult Services:

  • Continue to ensure that we provide Self Directed Support training to Social Work and Health practitioners to instil confidence and knowledge about the options amongst the workforce. 
  • Continue to implement our Digital Health and Care Actions, seeking to link traditional telecare with telehealth monitoring and technology enabled care. Aiming to maximise the experience of remote technology and implement the Analogue to Digital Telecare Transformation by 2024.
  • Continue to optimise opportunities for people to remain living at home, active and independent in their community, to support the ongoing shift in the balance of care away from residential or nursing care in a care home until it is essential to meet the outcomes of the individual and/or to manage risk. Numbers of people being admitted to long term care are not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels but are rising, as is the complexity of those being supported in the community.
  • Continue to respond to the needs of carers, enabling them to continue their caring role and enjoy a life of their own, as equal partners in care.
  • Continuing to provide multi-disciplinary intensive, support and assurance for all care homes and other registered care services across adult services in the area in line with refreshed Scottish government guidance and direction.
  • Continue to pursue achievement of compliance with target timescales for adult protection cases.
  • Taking forward the Allander Resource Centre - Learning Disability day services –Development of community based services, employability, volunteering and community based model of support.
  • Implement the 23/24 actions of the Social Support for Older People Strategy and associated commissioning delivery plan.
  • Refresh HSCP Learning Disability Strategy
  • Delivery of Medically Assisted Treatment Standards, (MAT Standards) 6 -10.
  • Review of in-house accommodation-based support services for adults with Learning Disability.
  • Preparatory work and submissions for the joint inspection of our Adult Support and Protection services are underway.

HSCP Wide:

  • Development of a recruitment strategy for ED HSCP and wider Social Care workforce in East Dunbartonshire.
  • Continue delivery of a range of measures to support staff wellbeing and support options.
  • Continue to pursue options for the engagement and involvement of local people and individuals in service development and design.

Land Planning and Development

21% Planning Applications receiving a letter confirming whether application is valid or invalid within 5 working days, compared with a target of 80%

Overview of Progress

Land Planning & Development have progressed a number of significant work streams during December 2023 in line with the Business Improvement Plan commitments. 

Land Planning Policy

  • Engagement as part of the Evidence Gathering process for Local Development Plan 3 continued through December (after launching on 27 November). Drop-in sessions were held in Kirkintilloch, Bearsden, Milton of Campsie and Torrance. In addition, surveys of people’s perceptions of Bishopbriggs and Bearsden Town Centres, and general promotion of the engagement events, were carried out in these towns during the day prior to the Drop-in session taking place. The team also held a workshop with internal services on a Council approach to the 20 Minute Neighbourhood concept. Further engagements events will take place in January including 3 drop-in sessions, an online session and a workshop in Kirkintilloch Town Hall.
  • The team has been working with the City Deal Team on the preparation of the Westerhill Masterplan, in particular regarding biodiversity enhancement and key requirements and developer contributions for the development parcels within the masterplan area.
  • Work is continuing on identifying priority projects for inclusion in the Council’s new Greenspace Strategy, which will replace the Green Network Strategy and Open Space Strategy. Opportunities for improvement of open space, increasing tree cover, expanding peatland restoration and wetland creation are currently being assessed in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. Audit work on play facilities is continuing and surveyors are progressing with the assessment of play areas and facilities across East Dunbartonshire. The outcome of the assessment will inform the priority actions on play to be included in the draft Greenspace Strategy and Local Development Plan 3.
  • A brief for the Kelvin Valley feasibility study has been completed and submitted to the Council’s Procurement Service. As part of the work officers have established a working group with key agencies and interested bodies to help guide the project.
  • The Council’s response to the consultation on the Strategic Framework for Biodiversity was submitted to the Scottish Government on 12 December 2023.
  • As a result of the Economic Development Policy Officer post in the team being vacant, there has been no recent progress in implementing the Circular Economy Strategy.


  • Work on the Climate Action Plan and Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy is continuing. A Programme Plan has been prepared to build on The Evidence and Options Report that the Climate Change Member Officer Group reviewed on 24 August and Council approved on 28 September.  Internal engagement has been undertaken on key parts of the CAP including the structure, visions, objectives and themes to allow a report to be taken to Council during the first half of 2024, prior to public consultation being carried out. Engagement work on the Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) was undertaken with Scottish Power Energy Networks and internal colleagues in 
  • November and December a new LHEES officer began her induction in January 2024 to allow the Draft LHEES to be brought to Council in the first half of 2024 and public consultation to be carried out following Council approval.
  • An update report on the Council’s Sustainability and Climate Change Framework (SCCF) and an update report on the Carbon Management Plan were prepared for PNCA committee in January 2024. Both reports required extensive engagement with a wide-range of Council services to ensure that sustainability developments and projections were based upon the most up-to-date information. A report on new Allotment Regulations is also being prepares for PNCA committee’s consideration later in 2024 following consultation with key stakeholders that will be undertaken by the Streetscene Team.
  • An outline of the Scottish Government’s consultation on proposals for a Heat in Buildings Bill and recommended Council responses was prepared for PNCA committee in January 2024. Internal consultation on the response was undertaken to ensure a coordinated approach to the response was adopted.
  • Delivery of the Community Carbon Literacy Training Programme has begun.  Delivery dates include the 16th of January 2024, the 25th of January 2024, the 6th of February 2024, the 22nd of February 2024 and the 27th of February 2024 with the introductory session taking place on the 11th of January. Feedback from the first delivery session has been collected and meetings are being held with Keep Scotland Beautiful to explore ways of continuously improving the training. The Sustainability Team is also continuing to work with colleagues in the Education Team and Keep Scotland Beautiful to deliver Climate Ready Classrooms a one-day programme on the science behind climate change and how to reduce emissions.
  • A first draft of the Energy Saving’s Trust fleet decarbonisation report has been received and feedback is being collected from colleagues in order to finalise the report and to develop a programme for fleet decarbonisation.
  • The development of the Council’s Active Travel Strategy is on hold due to the Transport Policy Officer leaving the Council in October 2023 and the post still being vacant.
  • A Winter Climate Action Plan Newsletter was published in December to outline a range of Council action on sustainability related activities, including the CAP.

GIS Team

  • The team has continued to carry out a range of GIS analysis for the council teams. This has included a variety of map production work, calculating distances to determine travel time distances to key services and creating web apps and data dashboards, which help to understand spatial data more effectively.
  • The team have now completed the transition to ESRIs new experience builder platform. This allows apps to have increased functionality and customisation. The team have recreated a number of critical web pages and the links are now with Corporate Comms, to add to the EDC site.
  • The team have finalised our analysis for the 20 minute neighbourhood project. This analysis has now been incorporated into new dashboards and story maps, to show how different areas in DC score. We have also worked with Policy to help branch the project out to other services, to get their input and add more datasets that we may have overlooked.
  • The team have provided GIS training sessions to a number of sectors across the council, with all user groups finding the sessions useful. This has increased the number of active GIS users and improved the awareness of the software across the council.
  • The team have been working with the Roads department to create a number of new Experience Builder apps to help when they are out in the field and need to view information.
  • The team have also been working in collaboration with roads to help amend their gazetteer to match ours, to ensure consistency across council departments.
  • The team have worked with roads to use the data gathered by consultants in our own EDC apps, to allow for greater access across the roads department to this information.
  • The team have completed all road adoption requests during the last month
  • The team continues to provide technical support to Community Protection and Development Applications to improve efficiency and ensure we are in line statutory guidance and regulations through IDOX.
  • The team have completed a number of address queries this month and have resolved all the issues for the residents.
  • The team have developed a number of MS Access reports for teams such as Dev Apps, Community Protection and Environmental Health. This has been very helpful for their statutory reporting and has allowed the services to have more efficient workflows.

Housing Strategy & Systems

  • The new IHMS implementation is well underway, with functional testing progressing in all modules. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) training has been delayed due to additional functional testing being required.
  • Systems Officers are assisting with the data cleansing of the current Saffron IT system as well as Housing folders, to ensure a smooth transition when migrating to the new system, while also assisting with day-to-day processing of direct debits and the set-up of rent accounts.
  • Performance Monitoring Officers are completing monthly performance statistics and continue to update Smartsheet with new dashboards and sheets for Officers to work from.
  • Work is continuing on the Digital Telecare switch and the Project Board are ensuring the successful transition of analogue telecare to digital telecare throughout the sheltered complexes.
  • The Housing Estates Adviser is working closely with the sheltered wardens and concierge to ensure a robust service is provided to tenants and residents.
  • Local Housing Strategy 2023-2028 completed and submitted to Scottish Ministers. Progress will be monitored via an Annual LHS Update carried out by the Strategy and Policy team.

Business Support

  • Working with numerous public sector agencies to ensure all support mechanisms to help business and create jobs are fully utilised, including development of new skills & technologies. Cost of doing business continues to be a concern and resources to help and inform businesses continue to be priority with combined support materials available through the Find Business Support website. A range of support is provided via the team and the Business Gateway contract to new emerging and existing businesses. 
  • The Digital Development Grant has been launched and is fully subscribed based on available funding via the Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF). Applications are now being processed. The Green Business Support grant is now underway, again funded by SPF and this will help businesses analyse how they practice and identity green measures and support that can be provided via a grant process. The team is developing the site enabling and regeneration grant.
  • Scottish Government Digital Boost funding is no longer be available. Local Authorities will be expected to provide this support with the exception of Webinars which will be picked up by Business Gateway National. The team are examining ways in which this type of ongoing support can be provide out with the current Digital Development Grant.
  • The team have been coordinating input into the Glasgow City Region Investment Zone, which is currently in development and seeking calls for proposals from sector specific businesses across the region. More generally growth and inward investment enquiries are being support and coordinated the team.

City Deal Team

  • The team continues with a range of work to ensure the delivery of the Council’s City Deal project, including the preparation of the different stages of business cases (in-line with City Deal & HM Greenbook requirements) which are required to unlock the funding from the region.
  • Work is ongoing on the Westerhill Masterplan and the Westerhill Development Road for which the preferred route option has been selected and presented to Council in December. 
  • Work continues on the next stages of the design process for Bishopbriggs Town Centre and Bishopbriggs Park. A803 feasibility and options work progressing as part of Outline Business Case development.

Regeneration & Town Centres Team

  • The project to improve Regent Gardens in Kirkintilloch Town Centre is on site, and making good progress. Works are expected to complete over February 2024. The Campsie Memorial Hall project in Lennoxtown has funding has been secured from Regeneration Capital Grant Fund and work continues to develop the project with RIBA 3 design to take place following procurement of design team.
  • The programme management of the Shared Prosperity Fund is ongoing to support services and projects across the Council. A range of projects have been identified and are being progressed for implementation up to March 2025.
  • The Lennoxtown Main Street Improvement Project is ongoing with work about to commence on the development of technical designs. Progress to the construction phase will be subject to external funding decisions. The project is currently funded by the Shared Prosperity Fund and SPT.
  • Working ongoing to support Milngavie BID as started re-ballot on 14th December. The Kirkintilloch BID was successful at its ballot and work now focuses on setting up the BID formally, including the Board and limited company. 

Traffic & Transport Team

  • The construction phase of Canniesburn Toll Improvement Project is on site and is expected to complete around spring 2024. Four Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) have been promoted to support aspects of the new design.
  • Feasibility and design works are progressing on a range of active travel infrastructure projects included in the Local Transport and Active Travel Strategies, including works to improve Canal Street which is part of the John Muir Way and a key link onto the canal towpath. Traffic Free Schools pilot project went live in November 2023, with positive feedback provided so far.
  • Work is progressing on key functions of the team including: working on a range of Traffic Regulation Orders at various stages of the statutory process, liaising with the network operator and maintenance contractors of the public electric vehicle charging network and continuing to assist in resolving access issues.

Development Management:

  • During the reporting period the planning side of the team has determined 64 applications and validated 49 applications.
  • The Building Standards team have received 67 building warrants and approved 85applications. 
  • The Enforcement Team opened 6 new cases.
  • The Development Applications team presented Reports to the December Planning Board recommending approval of the temporary education facilities for Bearsden Primary School and Milngavie Primary School.  Both applications were approved by Member of the Planning Board. .
  • The team secured and received developer contributions of £25,000 towards affordable housing provision and £3,032 towards primary healthcare. 
  • The Team continues to work closely with the Councils Major Assets team and their appointed consultants to help deliver on locally important projects such as Early Years Centre, refurbishment of Milngavie and Bearsden Primary School, replacement primary school and new early years at Balmuildy Primary School and Outdoor Pursuits Centre at Twechar.
  • Both Planning and Building Standards teams continue to offer support and informal advice to customers through our daily duty service Monday to Friday.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

  • Delivery of LDP3 Public Engagement
  • IHMS – User Acceptance Testing progression
  • Digital Development Grant now fully subscribed
  • Focus on completing Regent Gardens in Kirkintilloch in next reporting period
  • Review and full public consultation on the Housing Allocations Policy to be resumed Spring 2024

Legal and Regulatory Services

100% of contract acceptances were completed within: 7 days of full instructions, compared with a target of 100%   100% of Taxi licence applications were approved or refused by Legal Services within. 5 days of receipt of the complete application, compared with a target of 100%   100% of Housing Improvement and Repairs Grants were processed and authorised within 7 days of receiving full instructions, compared with a target of 90%

Overview of Progress

Democratic Services

Overview of Progress

Throughout December, the Democratic Services Teams continued to support the internal governance of the Council, in addition to certain regulatory functions. Since August and the return of the Council’s governance meetings, the Democratic Services Team has been implementing the Council’s new committee management system, Modern.Gov. This work continued into December and the conclusion of a second cycle of meetings. The system is now used for writing committee reports, managing the diary, preparing, and issuing agendas and the publication of committee papers to the Council’s website. In time, it will also be used to support public engagement and consultation, and a petitions function. In addition, the service continued to support Members and the Strategic Leadership Team. The Information Management Team continues to provide important support and advice to the MS365 implementation team, in addition to business-as-usual support in relation to freedom of information and data protection.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

  • Registration & Customer Services completed 70 birth and 171 death registrations in November. 24 marriages were also registered in this period. In addition, there was one Citizenship Ceremony, which saw 10 new citizens receive their citizenship.
  • The Team provided administrative and other supports to the Civic Office.
  • Implementation and roll-out of a new committee administration system, which included support for report authors and the production and distribution of committee and board agendas.
  • Democratic Services administered, 1 Council meeting, 1 Planning Board, and 2 Scrutiny Panels.
  • Democratic Services launched the Milngavie Business Improvement District ballot during December.  This will conclude in January and Members will be advised of the outcome.
  • Initial preparations for the anticipated General Election in 2024 continued during December.
  • Information Management received & processed 83 FOI/EIRs and 2 SARs (Subject Access Requests)

Legal Services

Overview of Progress

The indicators chosen for monthly reporting represent transactions where Legal Services involvement is nearer the end of the process.  Each indicator relates to services which are important to individuals and Council Services, but that also have an impact on the local economy. They also represent areas where performance was not previously as good as it might have been, which resulted in the introduction of the PIs. Whilst performance is generally consistently high, the continued application of the PIs ensures that this remains the case. It also ensures that any change in performance is identified and addressed early.

Performance against all indicators for Legal Services for December is 100%. 

Legal Services continues to support services across the Council in the delivery of projects, contracts and otherwise to manage legal risk. This includes advice and work on confidential matters that cannot be included in a public report.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

  • During December, the Team processed 9 contract form reviews, 18 taxi licence applications, and 5 grants.
  • The Team continued to provide support to the City Deal team with advice and support in relation to future procurements required at the start of 2024. In addition, the Team negotiated a professional services agreement for quantity surveying services required for the Westerhill Development Road Project.
  • Property and planning work included two open market purchases for Council housing stock, a s87 agreement concluded for contributions, infrastructure work and a use restriction in relation to application for the subdivision and creation of additional retail units at Strathkelvin Retail Park, a 3 year lease of a property at 101 Townhead, progressing work and reporting to Council on the Kirkintilloch Community Sports Complex, progressing work in relation to the Council taking shared equity of affordable housing units at the former Lenzie Primary School site.
  • The Team concluded a licence to occupy premises for the accommodation of UASC within a matter of days, so as to ensure continuity of care for these vulnerable young people in a safe and consistent environment.
  • Contracts concluded in this period included a variation agreement with SEEMiS LLP for the use of the SEEMiS system, contract for replacement of Torrance Main Street play area was awarded, and grant offers for Education Maintenance Allowance and Scottish Milk & Healthy Snack Scheme accepted. 
  • The Litigation Team continued to provide support to Social Work in relation to adults with incapacity and permanence planning and to Education on a variety of matters including ASN Tribunal work in relation to placing request appeals. In addition, support was provided to Community Protection in relation to enforcement of a statutory nuisance and bus lane enforcement and legal support was provided to the Housing Appeals Board which considered short-term let licence applications for the first time.


Overview of Progress

During December, the Procurement Team continued to support services across the Council in the delivery of various projects, including ongoing support to a number of strategic procurements/projects, particularly in relation to City Deal, ICT, Business & Digital Change, and various Capital projects. In particular, the Team was heavily involved in data cleansing, Solution Design, Communication planning, Key User training meetings, Data Reconciliation and User Acceptance testing as part of the implementation of a replacement for the Oracle Financial system. This has placed a significant demand on the resources of the Team as it leads four of the six implementation workstreams. The Team also continuously works to manage and support the operational activity in terms of the buyers work centre, Iproc catalogue and supplier management and payment processing, and in December was focussed on delivering the increased demand from Services at the end of the calendar year.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

  • Providing ongoing support to the City Deal team in relation to Contract requirements and alternative procurement route options.
  • Supported key Capital, Business & Digital Change projects such as Oracle Fusion upgrade, IHMS, Westerhill Development Road, school estate Professional Fees, Vehicle Purchases, whilst supporting workforce of the future planning and Business as Usual workstreams.
  • Participation in extensive meetings and workshops in order to train, test, reconcile data transfer and solution re-design, in preparation for the implementation of the Oracle Fusion upgrade.
  • Completed renewals for support and maintenance of business-critical systems to facilitate workforce of the future.
  • Ongoing support for the transition/implementation of Fusion to support the technical requirements for Payment integrations, Managed Stores and e-invoicing on Iproc.
  • Publication of the 2022-2023 Annual Procurement Report to include alignments with Organisational Climate Action Planning, Circular Economy Strategy, Community Wealth Building & the City Region Community Wish List planning.
  • Ongoing work on the review of Contract Standing Orders for alignment with Organisational changes, financial management and Procurement governance
  • Processing and payment of Welfare Support, ALT Fuel & EBSS Payments in line with Council support requirements.
  • Completed Christmas Support payment processing
  • Issued planning mitigations and communications for Oracle shut down in February 2024.

Strategic Commissioning  

Overview of Progress

Throughout December, the Strategic Commissioning Team provided enhanced support and guidance to the commissioned market as unprecedented demand and winter pressures continue to undermine the sector. In addition, the team was instrumental in supporting the progression of a number of HSCP strategic priorities, whilst responding to day to day / individual commissioning requests.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

  • Supported the HSCP to finalise its strategic response to the national resettlement programme for asylum seekers and compiled IJB report setting out the agreed local approach
  • Informed the development and finalisation of a strategic needs assessment for Learning Disability services
  • Progressed provider uplift requests whilst taking into account/ balancing budget pressures with provider sustainability 
  • Responding daily to acute pressures and support/facilitate early discharge into the home / local community 
  • Progressed invoices in the run up to festive period ensuring providers were paid timeously
  • Successfully planned / transitioned bespoke supported accommodation placements
  • Progressed performance management returns for services commissioned via Scotland Excel’s Care and Support framework in line with agreed procedures.

Roads and Neighbourhood Services

74.5% of responsive road repairs completed within timescales compared with a target of 85%   62,070 visitors to Mugdock Country Park compared with a target of 48,000   92.73%of all street light repairs completed within 7 days compared with a target of 95%   97.5% of special uplifts were completed within 10 working days compared with a target of 90%   Fleet utilisation was 59% compared with a target of 80%

Overview of Progress

The Roads and Neighbourhood Service continues to oversee the maintenance function and safe operation of the adopted public carriageway/footway network, adopted open spaces (including trees), cemeteries, domestic, commercial waste & recycling collection, fleet, and transportation within East Dunbartonshire. In addition, the Service also oversees the management and operations of Mugdock Country Park.

This Service area is divided into seven portfolio groupings:

1. Roads Network Operations

2. Roads Technical & Engineering

3. Streetscene Technical Support (including Bereavement and Arboriculture)

4. Streetscene Operations (including grounds maintenance, street cleansing and cemetery operations)

5. Waste Services (including domestic & commercial waste & recycling collections)

6. Fleet Services (including fleet operations, maintenance, and transportation)

7. Mugdock Country Park

Each team has specific areas of responsibility; however, they all operate, and function collectively as required. Within their own areas, each team has several service accountabilities contributing to local outcomes.

The various sections within the portfolio groups continue to progress both revenue operation/maintenance work and internally and externally funded capital projects with colleagues in Procurement and Finance. Several projects are time specific due to the external funding conditions to it is very important to make best use of the time available to bring these projects to fruition for the benefit of local communities.

Roads Network Operations Team (including Street Lighting)

The team continue to deliver both planned and reactive maintenance to both carriageways, footways, and street lighting assets. The Service is almost at full numbers in terms of resources available with vacancies for operational posts. The service has commenced the winter maintenance period on both carriageways and footways with several actions already instructed due to lower road surface temperatures.

The 2023/24 capital programmes for carriageway, footway resurfacing programme and lighting projects are ongoing with road space booked and work programmed in as per the Roads Resurfacing Programme Technical Note which will be updated in October. The next Roads Resurfacing update is schedule for January 2024. Regrettably, the Streetlighting Team are working at a reduced capacity, so this is likely to affect the projected capital programme. If this is the case any outstanding projects will be carried forward into 2024/25.

The Roads Network Team Leader and Senior Roads Technician are currently finalising the proposed 3 Year Resurfacing Programme following the network wide condition survey. It is intended to share the proposed programme early in 2024.

Roads Technical & Engineering

The Roads Development, Structures, Traffic, Flood Risk and Drainage Teams continue to work on and contribute to multiple projects including Road Coring, Flood Defence Maintenance, Bridge Inspection/Replacement and Signalisation/TRO Projects across various area.

The Team is also coordinating with external contractors to delivery multiple traffic surveys with the information used to determine the next steps for various proposals. This information is used as evidence to either support the need for action or validate the decision not to take forward a proposal if it is not supported by evidence.

The Service is now operating a full capacity following recent staff changes with several newer members of the team familiarising themselves with the Council area and taking forward individual projects including gateway features, replacement bridges, signalised junctions, and other important road safety features.

Streetscene Operations

The three geographical based teams have completed work on their summer grounds maintenance programmes including grass cutting operations, herbicide treatment, care of Gardens service, play area inspections etc. The teams have now switched to their Autumn/Winter maintenance programmes which include autumn leaf collection and shrub pruning etc. The teams are also undertaking street cleansing of all adopted council roads and pavements including litter collection, mechanical sweeping, and servicing of street litter bins.

The team also continue to manage the Councils tree stock. The team is current analysing the results of the first Ash Dieback Surveys which will inform the actions that need to be prioritised to address this important issue. The team manages and performs burials in the eight operational cemeteries.

Streetscene Technical Support Team

The team continue to work with community groups regarding Environmental Improvement Projects including path improvement, play area renovations, amenity planting, cemetery, and allotment development.

Mugdock Country Park

The team have also completed their summer maintenance work and are moving into the autumn/winter maintenance period. The team have been monitoring the quarry area during the summer months following the installation of the new perimeter fence and it is having a positive effect on unauthorised access which is welcome due to the health and safety issues previously experienced at this location within the country park. The monthly visitor number continue to exceed expectation and the team area focused on enhancing the visitor experience to the country park with various improvements planned to key attractions.

Waste Services

The Waste Team has continued the frontline service operations for the collection of over 400,000 assorted household bins over the month of November, providing residual, recycling, food, garden and special waste collections on behalf of the Authority. The team has also managed the waste and recycling collections from over 400 of our local commercial premises and provides recycling disposal provision at the Mavis Valley Recycling Centre.

The Waste service have continued to work with our Clyde Valley partners through the period on the treatment and disposal contract for all residual household waste. The Council processed 1864 tonnes of waste through this contract in December, ensuring our waste undergoes treatment for recycling extraction prior to being sent through an Energy from Waste process.

Fleet Services

The Fleet team continue to manage the transport operations including the Councils Goods Vehicle Operator Licence and compliance across all services. This includes provision and management of the maintenance workshops, annual testing, statutory inspections, and management of Drivers in line with obligations and conditions laid out in the Councils commitment to the Scottish Traffic Commissioner.

Fleet Management has worked in partnership with services and officers from procurement in order to specify, tender and procure further vehicles and associated items of specialist plant, suitable for service users’ needs and to coincide with contracts terminating through the financial year.

Tenders are currently out for the replacement of specialist vehicles, plant & equipment for Greenspace and Streetscene, Waste Management and other front-line services.

Replacement vehicles continue to filter through from suppliers for Roads and Environment, Property Maintenance and Social Services. The team at Fleet Management continue working to transfer systems and equipment and arrange the de-fleeting and disposal of the outgoing vehicles.

The fleet service continues to support and manage Transport Operations for the provision of Additional Support Needs Transport service for Education and Integrated Health and Social Care, including delivery of school meals on behalf of the authority. This service has provided additional support for other services throughout the period.

Key Achievements / Areas of Focus

Roads Network Operations Teams (including Street Lighting)

Carriageway and Footway surface defects and service level agreements (SLA):

Between 01/12/2023 and 31/12/2023, we have identified 329 defects in East Dunbartonshire Council carriageways and Footways. We have completed 245 repairs on time (about 74.5%) However, all high risk repairs were completed on time.

Below chart compares our last three months performance:

C'way and F'way defects and SLA 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Carriageway and Footway defect-December 2023 Carriageway and Footway defect-November 2023 Carriageway and footway defects-October 2023 Number of defects Meet SLA Fail SLA waiting for completion

Road’s capital carriageway and footway surfacing projects in December 2023:

Below table indicates the list of footway and carriageway capital resurfacing projects, completed in December 2023


Carriageway Resurfacing February to April 2023

Date Completed


Katrine Avenue



Stirling Drive



School Road



Waterside Road (Phase 1 & 2)











Footway Resurfacing February to April 2023

Date Completed


Dougalston Avenue (footway)


Carriageways and footways Safety inspection:

Between 01/12/2023 and 31/12/2023, East Dunbartonshire Council has successfully completed all safety inspections.

Winter Maintenance – November 2023:

East Dunbartonshire Council winter maintenance team completed 297 actions between 01/12/2023 and 31/12/2023 with approximately 1246 tonne salt/ grit were used during this time.

Roads Technical & Engineering Teams


  • Auchinloch Rd/Crosshill Rd, Lenzie Roundabout. Bollards to be installed.
  • Vehicle Activated Signs upgrade. 1 new sign per ward. Installation arrangement is in progress.
  • Springfield Rd/Menteith Ave, Bishopbriggs. Traffic calming associated with Climate Ready Park. Objections received and being processed.
  • Attendance at various meetings related to Transport Scotland Bill and road safety. Scottish Government decided not to progress a national 20 mph speed limit. Member briefing on pavement parking to follow.
  • Signalisation of Milton of Campsie Cross approved by PNCA and is with Legal Services.
  • Station Road at Drymen Road, Bearsden. Topographical survey being carried out, but work will not be able to start on the ground while Canniesburn Toll is ongoing.
  • Various locations installing new or replacing street signs as per customer requests. ie Allander Toll and EDC boundary sign at Crow Road.
  • Responding to Planning Applications.
  • Responding to lining requests and refreshing faded road markings on a priority basis.
  • Commenting on various licences e.g. street trader licences, public entertainment licences and occasional licences.
  • Dealing with various requests for temporary road closures and Temporary Traffic Management
  • Junior Road Safety Officer participation has been re-established.
  • The team are providing technical support for City Deal projects, Canniesburn Toll, Lennoxtown Main Street and Cycling Connectivity Corridors.


  • Site visits to monitor progress on developments currently under construction.
  • Site meetings to inspect developments and identify remedial works prior to adoption by EDC.
  • Assisting Planning with development applications, distributed to officers for their comments on potential future developments.
  • Process road adoption enquiries from internal and external departments.
  • Coordination of future works, road openings and temporary traffic management permits.
  • Currently reviewing the internal capital carriageway and footway programme for 2024/25. Once his has been checked for conflicts the Team will record works notices on the register.  Carriageway and Footway programme recorded on Roads Register for year 2024/25.We chaired the recent Local RAUCS meeting 6th December 2023 and any issues within EDC we have passed onto the appropriate Statutory Undertaker. We processed December FPN and are awaiting acceptance from undertakers and continue to process TTL permits / Invoices. Inspections for Cat A, B and C have been sent away to Utility companies to accept charge, in total EDC carried out 125 Inspection in quarter three.
  • Co-ordinating works in Bearsden/Milngavie area due to Canniesburn Upgrade with the closure of Switchback (southbound) from 7TH Jan 24 to 27th Feb 24.

Flooding and Drainage

  • River Glazert Restoration Project, Lennoxtown - Detail design report finalised. CAR licence obtained and Planning is now being submitted. Some interim tree felling may commence during the winter Jan – March 24 in preparation of appointment of contractor.  Ongoing.
  • Kelvin Tributaries River Restoration Project – Draft Statement of Requirements being finalised and will be passed to Procurement for appointment of consultant Ongoing.
  • Climate Ready Park – Tenders returned and evaluated. Appointed contractor selected and award letter to be issued once Legal Services have reviewed and finalised. Ongoing.
  • B822 Campsie Rd – Replacing stone cundie under road with new piped culvert. Works started week commencing 15th January 24. Full road closure will be in place to undertake these works. Ongoing.
  • Lochend Rd, Bearsden – remove 2 x gullies and reinstate due to be complete17/1/24
    • Hawthorn Ave, Lenzie – remove channel drain and install 2 x gullies. Due 22/1 -26/1/24
    • Ledcameroch Cres, Bearsden – install double gully. Due 29/1 – 2/2.24
    • Woodfield Ave, Bishopbriggs – cctv survey due to start 22/1/24


  • 2023/24 General and Principal inspections programme ongoing.
  • Review & response to abnormal load requests.
  • Capital programme for 2023/24 in progress.
  • The Cottage Merkland leaning boundary wall, Waterside Rd, Kirkintilloch. Works commenced November. Rebuilding of new wall now underway. Works have been delayed slightly due to the weather.
  • Bencloich Burn, Lennoxtown. CCTV survey of 4no. culverts planned for January.
  • Moss Maigry culvert, Crow Rd. Snagging works due to be completed by the end of January.
  • Braes O Yetts culvert, Kirkintilloch. Small section of parapet edge protection work commencing January.
  • Tower Burn, Torrance. Repairs to footbridge and general tidy up commencing January/February.
  • Prescott Footbridge, Milngavie. General tidy up and repairs to the approach ramps commencing January/February.
  • Burncrooks Footbridge, Milngavie. Timber parapet installation commencing January/February.
  • Bothlin Burn, Lenzie. Vegetation clearance and scour protection works commencing January/February.
  • Red Brae culvert, Kirkintilloch. Edge protection to be installed at the outlet commencing January/February.
  • SBC10 East Side, Kirkintilloch. Trees and debris to be cleared from around the piers of the bridge commencing February.
  • Campsie Road culvert, Kirkintilloch. Parapet retaining wall rebuild and scour protection works. February
  • Hilton culvert, Bishopbriggs. Vegetation clearance at both the inlet/outlet and edge protection works commencing February.
  • Bishopbriggs Park. Trash screen scour protection works commencing February.

Greenspace & Streetscene Teams

Streetscene Operations

  • Street cleansing and associated tasks such as leaf litter sweeping; removal of fly posting and uplifting of fly tipping, mechanical street sweeping and installing replacement or additional bins. 
  • Graffiti removal.
  • Ongoing cemetery operations, digging and carrying out interments, installing headstone foundations, benches etc
  • Winter cyclical works ongoing; leaf fall removal and clearance; pruning of shrub beds and tree works.
  • Checking and clearance of culverts
  • Play park inspection
  • Football pitch lining.
  • Bulb planting
  • Responding to Customer Service Requests and complaints.
  • Culvert grill cleaning and monitoring
  • Christmas Tree installation.
  • Arranging winter servicing of machinery
  • Seasonal Squad Leader and Operatives recruitment

Streetscene Technical Support

  • Play Areas – public voting complete for projects at Keystone, Douglastone Garden North, Torrance Main Street and Waterside – all now progressing to next stage of procurement and delivery
  • Play Areas -  Springfield, King George V,  Kincaid Park and Scott Avenue – initial procurement process progressing
  • Cemetery Management Rules – internal review ongoing noting recent wider Scottish Govt consultation
  • Headstones/Memorials – plan being developed around improving the inspection process – currently reviewing procurement options
  • Cadder Cemetery – plans and works progressing to improve traffic management and parking around entrance area
  • Tree condition survey of Old Aisle Cemetery complete – Officers will review recommendations
  • Ash Dieback Surveys completed within EDC Schools Estate – progressing costs to undertake remedial works as required
  • Ash Dieback Survey on Roadside – a small number of trees require urgent works – ownership is a mixture of public and private – contact with private owners now made – costings being obtained re those in EDC ownership. Wider analysis of other trees and works is ongoing
  • Climate Ready Park – tender evaluation completed.
  • Team working with City Deal Team and Consultants in relation to Masterplan of Bishopbriggs Public Park and Bishopbriggs Relief Road
  • Rosebank Allotments – Officer working with group to undertake relevant repairs to paths, fencing etc
  • Allotment Regulations – currently being reviewed by Officers in advance of a wider consultation
  • Nature Restoration Fund – number of projects ongoing via this fund (as per earlier Technical Note)
  • Input into Additional Capital investment for drainage, active travel/access and footway surfacing.
  • Mains Park New Path – works progressing around additional link path – works will continue into new year
  • The team continues to respond to high volume of open space, tree and bereavement enquires, along with planning application consultations and complaints.
  • Planning application responses and support to Planning Team ongoing
  • Open Space audit work for input into the Grounds Maintenance System ongoing for Milngavie & Bearsden.
  • Assisted a number of Community Groups with Litter Picking resources across EDC

Mugdock Country Park

  • Events:
    • Stargazing at Mugdock, Marvellous Meteors
    • Sensory Sunday – Forest School for Wee Folk
    • Wildlife Weans Mugdock. Fabulous Bird Feeders
    • Panto, Jack and the Beanstalk, by Fizzgig Theatre ran from Sat 2nd – Sat 30th December with around 50 performances over the month
    • Mugdock Festive Fun Day took place with a Reindeer Run, Storytelling from Mrs Claus, Christmas Crafting Sessions
  • Winter tasks for Wardens included gritting and clearing paths, cutting back hedges, brushing leaves, emptying bins, cleaning premises, setting up rooms for lets, site security and general maintenance;
  • Rangers working with volunteer groups carried out conservation tasks such as herbiciding, drain improvements, cutting gorse and pulling birch;
  • A huge amount of work has been carried out by Wardens, Rangers and volunteers to plant around 5,000 trees, hedges and shrubs funded by Greenspace Scotland;
  • The Visitor Centre was stocked for Christmas and saw good returns on sales and seasonal window displays brightened the Courtyard;
  • Project work is ongoing for replacement BBQ shelters, Mugdock Castle maze and a new Wastewater Treatment Works.

Waste Services

  • The Clyde Valley Residual Waste contract say 1864 tonnes of household general waste throughput in December for recycling pre-sort, and then ongoing production of energy from waste.
  • The team worked throughout the festive period to deliver the frontline kerbside collection service; things ran smoothly with little disruption to our residents.
  • The Waste Management team have been working towards compliance with the new legislation around the handling and disposal of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS) material found in the bulky waste collection and recycling centre waste stream.
  • Benchmarking meetings took place with 5 neighbouring local authorities to consider best practice in the introduction of a Garden Waste Charging Policy.
  • The implementation of our new Waste Modernisation software continued with data gathering exercises taking place ahead of the scheduled training delivery in January.  There was also an opportunity to update the Project Board at our meeting that took place with the positive steps undertaken.
  • A further Waste Operative successful passed the apprenticeship programme for HGV Driving, a great achievement from the individual, which will support the service moving forward.
  • Staff continue to progress through CPC the driving competency certification, in which drivers required to go through 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years.
  • The Technical Support team have been busy reviewing the assisted collection service, having now visited 80% of service users.  This is aimed to update our records and gain feedback on our service.

Fleet Services

  • During the period 1/12/23 to 31/12/23 there were 181 vehicles/plant inspected/repaired in line with the servicing schedule and defect procedure.   
  • We currently have a variety of vehicles/plant on order to replace an aging fleet in line with the vehicle replacement programme.    
  • Support Council services in the delivery of ASN Transport including the distribution of essential supplies for vulnerable individuals throughout the period including meals for early year’s facilities and lunch clubs etc.     
  • Continued work on the management of Capital programme for the replacement of fleet assets through the financial year.   
  • Continued work on the CPC training programme, to ensure all drivers that require CPC training achieve this before the deadline to remain compliant.
  • Continued support to front line service operations through the provision of in-house fleet maintenance function including work on horticultural and construction plant equipment. 
  • Management of Fleet Operations in compliance with Operator Licencing legislation with a DVSA Operator Compliance Risk Score of Green for both Traffic and Compliance and a 100% first time pass rate for annual tests.    
  • Training has been organised to ensure our mechanics stay up to date with relevant legislation and inspection techniques.
  • Vehicle gate checks have been reintroduced and the compliance team have carried out multiple checks, any issues identified have been relayed to the relevant management team.  
  • Working closely with people development we have identified funding to allow our mechanics to become qualified HGV drivers, this in turn will allow them to be able to test drive the vehicles they are working on.  
  • Currently working with the customer and digital services team to identify a new fleet management system with a view of merging current systems and streamlining current processes.
  • Monthly audits have been implemented to ensure O licence and MOT compliance.
  • The team worked extremely hard during the festive period to ensure vehicles were available to services mainly RCVs and Gritters.
  • Discussions took place with workshop staff/unions to discuss shift patterns. A new shift was recommended and agreed and will come into effect on the 19th of February 2024. 
  • The new process for vehicle hires has seen a significant drop in hire requests, we have also seen a drop in vehicles that were on hire.