Conditions of Let - Let of Meeting Rooms/Conference Suites

  1. APPLICATION FORM BOOKINGS Applicants shall make a let reservation using the  online booking feature giving full particulars of the purpose for which the Meeting Room is to be used and the proposed hours of use. Provisional let bookings will only be accepted from persons 18 years of age and over. The lessee agrees to pay the charges as directed by the Council. The Council reserves the right to impose any special charges, or vary conditions, or increase charges at their absolute discretion. The hirer will be severally liable for the let.
  2. REFUSALS  The Council reserve the right to refuse any let reservation or to cancel any let reservation granted   in any circumstances whatsoever, without incurring thereby, any liability to the applicants for any loss  or pecuniary damages arising from such refusal.
  3. CANCELLATIONS Unless seven days’ notice of a cancellation of a let is given to the halls department in writing (email, letter or fax) full payment of booking is required.
  4. SUBLETTING  Parties hiring the hall shall not be entitled to sublet the premises or change the purpose for which it is hired without the consent of East Dunbartonshire Council.
  5. LOSS OF PROPERTY / INJURY The Council and its employees shall not be responsible for any damage to or loss of property or valuables brought into or left in any part of the premises by the hirers or by any person attending any meetings or functions therein or for any injury, however caused, to any person connected with the hirers or by any person attending any meetings or functions therein or for any injury, however caused, to any person connected with the hirers or guests of the hirers.
  6. HEALTH AND SAFETY All passages to and from the meeting room must be kept free of any obstruction and all doors leading thereto kept unlocked from the opening until the end of the function. Nothing shall be done or anything brought within the premises that, in the opinion of the Receptionists, may involve any extra risk to the property or users. East Dunbartonshire Council will advise the client of the areas to be used for the event, associated fire exits and assembly points. The client will acquaint guests, staff and any subcontractors with the same at the commencement of the event and in particular with those entrances and exits to be used in the case of a fire or other emergency.
  7. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED There is a No Smoking Policy within all our meeting rooms.
  8. ALCOHOL There is a No Alcohol Policy within our meeting rooms.
  9. CATERING Refreshments/catering can be brought in by the client from an external source, the client agrees to  be responsible for removing all trace of such provision subsequent to the event. A fixed fee of £25 will be  charged to cover any necessary clearing up should there be a need.
  10. DECORATIONS Extra fittings and decorations provided by the hirer shall be subject to the approval of the Receptionists before being fitted up and shall be removed immediately after the close of the function. Any loss or damage caused in fitting up or removing shall be made good by the hirers or be made good by the Council and the costs charged to the lessee. No nails, staples etc. shall be inserted in the wood or walls or in any part of the premises. No “exploding” glitter cartridges or streamers are allowed within the building.
  11. NOISE The level of noise produced by sound equipment shall be kept within a reasonable level at all times. Contracting of persons and/or equipment for the playing of recorded or live music at any event must be previously approved by East Dunbartonshire Council.
  12. SUNDAY LETS Reservations for lets on Sundays shall be subject to the policy and approval of East Dunbartonshire Council.
  13. ENTRY TIMES (a) Venues will be made available to the client for the period agreed at the time of booking.  Clients and their guests must vacate the venue by the end of the agreed period. If requested, East  Dunbartonshire Council will do its best to accommodate the client with any extension to the agreed period but this may not always be possible.
    1. If refreshments/catering are requested, the client shall ensure that those running the event are ready to receive these goods/services at the agreed time(s).
    2. The client agrees to ensure that the venues reserved for the event shall be cleared of all materials and equipment brought there (other than that belonging to East Dunbartonshire Council or the Conference Centre) for the event within the time mutually agreed between the client and East Dunbartonshire Council.
  14. PUBLIC ADVERTS Lessees must comply with all legal requirements regarding display of adverts / notices on Public roads etc. – contact Council’s Partnership and Planning Department for guidance