Council agrees to extend Refugee Support

Friday, 1 April, 2022

At its meeting last night (Thursday 31 March), East Dunbartonshire Council reaffirmed its commitment to supporting refugees to resettle in East Dunbartonshire. There was a unanimous decision to extend the previous commitment to resettle Syrian and Afghanistan refugees, to include all global humanitarian crises.

Council Chief Executive Gerry Cornes explained, “In light of the shocking conflict and associated humanitarian crisis that continues in Ukraine, Council agreed to extend its previously committed support to refugees from any current or future humanitarian crisis through official UK and Scottish Government schemes.  The resettlement of refugees includes not only the provision of accommodation but the whole wrap around support from both Council and key partners.”

The Council’s specific commitment extends to the provision of four houses for refugees and to the necessary wider support from other Council services including community services, education, and community learning and employability services. Social work and health provision is also required through HSCP services locally.

Although numbers are not currently available, it is understood that many families in East Dunbartonshire have also signed up to the ‘Homes for Refugees’ initiative to host fleeing families in available accommodation in their own homes. The Council will be addressing the wrap-around support required for any families accommodated through this scheme, in line with the Scottish Government guidelines, in a multi-agency approach through its strategic resettlement working group.

Mr Cornes added, “Our co-ordinated response will ensure that any refugees resettling in this area are fully supported as they adjust to their life here. We thank our communities in advance for their generosity and support and to everyone for allowing any arriving refugees the privacy and space to be able to resettle in such challenging circumstances.”

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