Stalking and sexual harassment


Stalking is illegal and can include being followed, constantly being contacted by another person or being sent unwanted emails or gifts. There is a prevalent myth that stalking is only experienced by celebrities or perhaps carried out by people with severe mental health problems. The popular media often sensationalises stalking cases so that we believe that it happens rarely and in the most extreme of circumstances. However stalking is experienced by many people across the country to the extent that their lives are completely controlled by it. It is often carried out by ex-partners and is a method by which domestic abuse can carry on long after separation. A recent national survey revealed that only 10% of stalkers were unknown to their victims.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which:

  • violates your dignity;
  • makes you feel intimidated, degraded or humiliated; or
  • creates a hostile or offensive environment.

You don’t need to have previously objected to someone's behaviour for it to be considered unwanted (Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis).

Further information and support

National Stalking Helpline
Phone: 0808 802 0300

A confidential service from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. They'll provide impartial advice and information to men and women, including:

  • how to identify if you're being stalked
  • the law on stalking
  • how to protect yourself
  • talking to the police

Action Against Stalking
Information and support via email here 

A charity that campaigns against stalking and champions the rights of stalking victims.

Victim Support Scotland
Phone: 0345 603 9213
Monday to Friday 8am-8pm

Information and support for victims of crime.

Police Scotland
Phone: 101 or 999 if it is an emergency
Online: Stalking Report Form

Information about stalking, practical safety advice, dealing with stalking behaviours and ways that Police Scotland can help you.

Scottish Women's Rights Centre
Helpline: 08088 010 789 (1.30pm to 4.30pm, Wednesdays)
Book an appointment in Glasgow: 0141 552 3201
Book an appointment in Hamilton: 01698 527 003

Free legal help for women affected by violence, such as rape, domestic abuse, stalking, forced marriage and human trafficking. Phone the helpline or book an appointment for one of the surgeries in Glasgow or Hamilton.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau
East Dunbartonshire phone: 0141 775 3220
via email here

Detailed information about the law and your rights in relation to sexual harassment.


A policy organisation aiming to make women’s inequality visible and to lobby for changes to services, policy, regulation, practices, and laws that negatively affect women. You can read a range of research, analysis and reports on their website. Engender does not have a helpline and is unable to give legal advice on individual cases.