Additional Support Needs Consultation: August to December 2017

Officers met with the established working group to discuss proposals and a note of the meeting can be found in the documents section. 

Working group members visited additional support need provisions in neighbouring authorities in August 2017. The schools visited were Craigmarloch School in Inverclyde Council and Isobel Mair School in East Renfrewshire Council. Below are images from Craigmarloch School. A link to view Isobel Mair School can be found within external links on this page.  

Additional Support Needs Consultation: May to June 2017

If you have any questions or comments on regarding any aspect on the above information, please contact the Primary School Improvement Programme.

woman in an orange t-shirt standing in the circulation space with lots of daylight       people spending time in the Campus social space   Covered teach space to each classroom and protective courtyard

people lining up to collect their lunch in the Dining Space       school activity area  Assembly hall and Gym

Typical classroom Entrance and bus drop off