Shared Equity

The East Dunbartonshire Council Shared Equity for Sale Scheme (SESS) gives financial help to people who cannot afford the full purchase price of a home. 

The scheme allows people to buy a share in a property, which can be either be built by the Council, a Housing Association or in partnership with a housing developer.  The share you obtain will usually be between 60% and 80% of the property and you will only pay for your share.

For example, if you pay for 80% of a property, the Council will pay for and be entitled to the remaining 20% share of the property. When you sell the property the Council may choose to purchase your share from you or will be entitled to a share of the money paid for the property on sale.

Qualifying Criteria/Priority Groups

The Shared Equity for Sale Scheme aims to help residents to access home ownership if they have a maximum gross annual income of £27,376 for a single income household, or £40,099 for a joint income household. (See linked document for further qualifications).

The scheme is predominantly aimed at first time buyers living in East Dunbartonshire, particularly those in Social Rented accommodation or on our housing list. 

However, preference will also be given to:

  • People with a disability whose current home doesn't suit their needs
  • People who have experienced a significant change in their circumstances, such as separating households
  • People who are homeless or threatened with homelessness and have had a homelessness assessment carried out by the Council
  • People leaving or who have left service in the armed forces

Thereafter, applicants will be ranked in order of date of application and those on the Council’s housing list will be considered first.  This may mean that a resident living outwith East Dunbartonshire could be offered a shared equity property but only once the above groups have been exhausted.

If you have any query's regarding the application please use the General Enquiry Form or call 03001234510.