Secondary transfer arrangements for children within Lennoxtown Primary Catchment & Craighead Primary Catchment - Final Report


Following on from the statutory consultation exercises with regards to the secondary transfer arrangements for Lennoxtown Primary & Craighead Primary, please find a copy of the final report and appendices which will be considered by Full Council on 19 December 2019.

Under the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010, this consultation report must be published for at least three weeks before the Council can decide whether or not to implement the proposal. This is known as the ‘extended consideration period’, and is intended to allow interested parties to read the report, and to make their views known to Councillors.  To quote from the statutory guidance that accompanies the Act:

“The intention is that interested parties should have time to see and digest the contents of the consultation report and also have time if they so wish to voice concerns and approach and lobby the councillors who will shortly be deciding on the proposal(s).”

The Education Service would like to thank all that took time to participate in this Statutory Consultation.