Restoring the Glazert Water at Lennoxtown

Residents are being invited to find out more about a  new river restoration project planned for the Glazert Water.

The proposal for the Glazert River Restoration Project in the heart of Lennoxtown is the result of a study commissioned by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Scottish Government to restore natural waterways.

The aim is to provide flood risk benefits to the River Kelvin and to reduce the likelihood of flooding to communities in Kirkintilloch and Torrance. The restoration work will physically restore the Glazert watercourse, enhance the water quality and revitalise the wildlife corridor serving the communities of north Kirkintilloch, Milton of Campsie, Lennoxtown, Clachan of Campsie and Haughhead.

The Council appointed partners cbec eco-engineering (cbec), who specialise in river restoration and started work in September 2019. The firm has undertaken topographic and ecological surveys to assess the condition of the river and has developed preliminary restoration options for the site with a view to improving the quality of the river.

SEPA will provide technical expertise on the project and have received match WEF (Water Environment Fund) funding from the Scottish Government.

The community is now being invited to a online public engagement event to hear more about the project and give feedback on the options being proposed. In addition, views are being sought on ways to improve the amenity and recreational value of the area along the river as well as how links between Lennoxtown and the River Glazert could be improved.

Feedback and input from this online consultation will help inform development of the final restoration options for the site and identify opportunities to improve amenity and recreation along the river.

The details of the online consultation are:

The online engagement event will be open for a three week period from 1 April until 22 April 2020 to provide feedback to the Council via the online questionnaire below.



More information can be found in the Restoring the Glazert Water at Lennoxtown FAQ's


Consultation Results: 

East Dunbartonshire Council in partnership with Scottish Environmental Protection Agency would like to thank you for all the feedback and responses we have received via our online consultation event for the Glazert Water River Restoration Project. This consultation event was open for a three week period from 1 April until 22 April 2020.

The aim of the project is to improve the natural environment including restoring a stretch of the Glazert Water near Lennoxtown. This includes restoring the river, as well making improvements to habitats for local wildlife and improving amenity in the area.

From the responses received, the majority supported the project aims and delivery.  There was a range of specific points raised in relation to the current Glazert Water area and how this could be better improved. This included comments in relation to flood risk, wildlife, fishing & biodiversity, access routes and paths and how locals and stakeholders could engage and get more involved with the project. The project team will aim to produce a response to the points raised, discuss how those interested can get involved with the project and the timing of this involvement. We will look where possible to use local knowledge and resources to help and support delivery of the project. Continued interest and support from the local community for the project is very much appreciated.

Next Stages

The project is currently at the concept design stage. Your responses will form part of this review and options selection process, which will allow us to move the project to the detail design stage. Once detail designs have been developed, the project team again will seek public input via an online platform or (if circumstances allow) a public drop-in community engagement event in Lennoxtown.


The project team are aiming to complete the detail design phase of the project and seek approval by the end of September 2020. Thereafter there will be procuring of written tenders for the project to appoint a contractor to deliver the ground works on site by spring 2021 with works commencing shortly thereafter.  

We again thank you for your support and co-operation.  If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the project team via our Customer Services helpline by telephoning 0300 1234510 or emailing