School catchment areas

School Catchment

School catchment area

When you click the Schools within your catchment area, Schools within your catchment area [opens in a new window].  Once it is opened, click on the pin button shown on the top left hand side of the map to allow you to enter the address you are searching as shown below.

Catchment school map search bar used for entering addresses or places

You may also make a placing request for your child to attend a school other than their catchment area school. Information on placing requests can be found in the section School placing requests.

Early entry to primary school

Only children whose fifth birthday falls between 1 March of the current year and the last day of February of the following year will automatically be admitted to Primary 1.

If your child's fifth birthday falls after the last day of February and you feel your child is ready to start Primary 1 you can make a request for early entry to primary school. Applications for early entry to primary school should be submitted in January each year in order to allow requests to be processed timeously. We will only consider applications for children whose parents live in East Dunbartonshire.

Admissions policy - transfer arrangements

In recent years a number of schools in East Dunbartonshire have had high occupancy levels due to the demand in the school’s catchment area, through placing requests from parents in other areas in East Dunbartonshire and from parents living in neighbouring local authority areas.

Roll projections for a small number of schools show there is a risk that a school may be oversubscribed for catchment pupils when the allocation of places is carried out in April each year. 

The Council has now agreed to a clear procedure to manage this effectively which will involve changes to admissions policies for primary and secondary schools and transfer arrangements for pupils going from primary to secondary school.  The changes will take effect for admissions from session 2020/21.