Parking Management

East Dunbartonshire Council’s Parking Management Plan was approved in June 2022 following a period of consultation on the Draft Parking Management Plan. 

Parking management policies and actions support the aims of the Local Transport Strategy 2020-2025 and will promote sustainable transport choices which have wide-ranging benefits for the community and the environment. 

The Local Transport Strategy identified concerns regarding parking in residential streets, town centres, rail stations and around schools.

As a result, the Parking Management Plan includes a detailed review of evidence, policy and issues surrounding parking in East Dunbartonshire and outlines the Council’s approach to managing parking throughout the area.

It also includes information about parking legislation, the implications of wider policy, and the roles and responsibilities of both the Council and Police Scotland when it comes to parking management and enforcement.

The Plan outlines how parking restrictions are to be enforced and key policies and actions include:

  • supporting an enhanced electric vehicle charging network
  • improved sheltered cycle parking
  • the continued operation and monitoring of pay & display car parks in town centres. 

The Plan also encourages active travel and sustainable transport as the first option for travelling to and from school and states that traffic-free school schemes will be implemented based on individual schools’ circumstances and needs. 

Pilot schemes will soon be implemented in a limited number of schools with each school community playing an active role in shaping the future of these initiatives.