Adoption Agreements

Adopted roads are roads that are managed and maintained by the Council. It doesn't matter who owns the ground on which the road is built.  Until a road has been adopted it remains private and it is the responsibility of the developer or house owner to maintain it.

New roads

New roads can be built by developers to a standard that allows them to become adopted when finished. 

Adopting an existing private road

For a private road to be adopted the road must be brought up to the standards set by the Council.  The cost of this work is met by the developers or builders in a new estate, or by the residents of an existing road.

Register of Roads

If you would like to view our list of publicly adopted roads it is open to inspection by any member of the public at the reception of the following address:

East Dunbartonshire Council
Broomhill Depot
Kilsyth Road
G66 1QF