The Council maintains pavements, and it is important that they are kept clear for the safety of all users. Anything blocking the pavement is considered to be an obstruction and can cause particular problems for the visually  and mobility impaired, and people with prams or pushchairs.

Fire engines and ambulances may require emergency access to buildings and if there are obstructions on the pavement this could lead to loss of life and property.  

Most common obstructions on pavements

Type of obstruction Details

Vehicles parked on pavements

These can damage the pavement, be an obstruction and cause problems for pedestrians and should be reported to Police Scotland [opens in a new window].

Skips, scaffolding, building materials

These require a permit.  To apply view the attached:

Banners or Bunting

You need to get the Roads Services permission

Unauthorised Signs attached to Poles and Lighting Columns

If these are jutting out onto the pavement they can be a hazard for pedestrians.  For removal of these signs contact Customer Services


Bags of Rubbish Outside Property
Wheelie Bins/Recycling Boxes
Hedges and overgrown branches from trees
Barriers or Lack of Barriers
Street Furniture
Dog Fouling

If you require more information or if you wish to report an obstruction contact Customer Services.