If a lit bonfire of any size is unattended, out of control or posing imminent danger to people or property, contact the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service immediately by dialling 999.

Bonfire Night

Construction of unauthorised bonfires on council or vacant land should be reported to the Community Safety Service.  Complete the form to report this.

Smoke or Smell from Domestic Bonfires

It's not against the law to have a domestic bonfire in your garden, but it can cause problems depending on what is burned, how often it happens and how much smoke it generates. Regular fires which cause smoke nuisance for neighbours can be viewed as a statutory nuisance. The statutory nuisance provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 allow the Council to serve a notice on a person causing a nuisance to neighbours from bonfires.

Environmental Health deals with complaints about bonfires causing a smoke or smell problem and you can complete the form to request further advice or to report a bonfire that is causing a nuisance to you while you are on your own property.

There are no set times when you can or can't have a bonfire.  You should avoid burning once it gets dark as you may attract the attentions of the Fire Service.  You should also avoid burning when people have washing out to dry or are likely to be disturbed by a fire.