Tree Preservation Orders

The value of garden trees extends beyond the boundary fence.  Neighbours and passers-by can benefit from the enhanced amenity provided by well positioned, attractive trees. Garden trees also contribute to the wider setting of settlements, providing an attractive ‘leafy’ impression.

Trees are often planted as living memorials and older trees can become local landmarks, appreciated by successive generations of residents. Garden trees also reduce noise, filter pollution and add oxygen  to the air. Retaining and planting appropriate garden trees, particularly native species, contributes to biodiversity and to a more tranquil sense of place.

In recognition of the importance of trees, Planning Authorities have duties and powers to ensure that developers:

  • submit a tree survey with an application that proposes the removal of trees
  • include the provision of planting new trees within the proposed development
  • protect trees where they have natural heritage value or contribute to the character or amenity of a particular location

Planning Authorities also have powers to make Tree Preservation Orders. Please contact the Council’s Tree Officer for advice on tree related issues.