Completion Certificate information

A Completion Certificate is needed before any building which has been the subject of building warrant approval can be occupied. This provides formal confirmation that the Council accepts that the building work has been carried out in accordance with the warrant obtained.

It is an offence to occupy a building, for which a warrant has been obtained, without acceptance of a Completion Certificate.  Without a Completion Certificate the building cannot be bought\sold.

When a Completion Certificate application is made to Building Standards an inspection will be carried out to verify the completion of the work for which warrant was obtained.  Where work has not been carried out in accordance with the warrant conditions or fails to meet building standards regulations, the Council may require changes to be made to bring the building up to standard. If the building is not in accordance with the warrant drawings and information, this may require a formal application to amend the warrant  before a Completion Certificate can be accepted.  This could incur additional expense for the owner.