Building Standards Register: Online terms and conditions

Building Standards Online Register

In displaying the Building Standards information on the website, you should be aware of certain limitations as to the extent and accuracy of the information being made available:

The information on the website is regularly updated.  Published information cannot therefore fully reflect the current situation and further enquiry with regard to a record may require to be made from the Building Standards Service (telephone no. 0141 578 8600).

The information provided is drawn from historic electronic records and may not fully reflect other information not held within these systems or previously not held or entered in our electronic systems.

Full information on individual plots/units on multiple plot/unit developments may not be contained in the information published e.g. information on the certificates of construction provided for individual plots/ units; authorisation of temporary occupation or use of a particular building (see below).

Reference can be made to response details shown on the specific Building Standard record published for a development/building and more information can be sought from the Building Standards Service where reference to correspondence documents are listed. This can also provide an indication of the status of a case.  Correspondence dates listed are printed/received dates and may not therefore be the issue or document date.

Reference should also be made to the terms and conditions of use of the Council’s website, Privacy and Data Protection Statement, and Copyright and Disclaimer statement on this website