Building Standards Register

You can use the Building Standards Application Search to search by:

  • Address
  • Reference Number
  • Applicant Name
  • Date of Application

Part II of the register consists of:

  • copy building warrants
  • copy completion certificates
  • any energy performance certificates/ energy rating
  • any copies of any certificates from approved certifiers submitted in support of building warrants or completion certificates
  • principal drawings and specifications
  • all other documents submitted to the local authority for registration in the building standards

The documents held in Part II of the Building Standards Register are only available to you if:

  • the relevant building is a residential building and you are the owner, occupier, tenant or perspective owner, occupier, tenant of the building or an adjoining building (you must provide evidence of this)
  • the relevant building is not residential building then you must provide the owner's consent in writing

Charges apply for retrieval of documents from archives. Charges will also apply for all plan/ document copying.

Forms to request access to Part II are available from the documents section on this page.