Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

This section provides information on Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Townscape Protection Areas within East Dunbartonshire.

Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings are designated by the Scottish Government (through Historic Environment Scotland) and are categorised as either A, B or C. The strongest protection is Category 'A' where buildings are recognised as being of national significance, but all listed buildings require careful protection of exterior and interior features..

Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas are areas of distinctive character which have been considered to have a special merit because of their architectural, townscape and landscape qualities. The Council is required to identify areas which are of special architectural or historic interest which they wish to preserve or enhance and designate such areas as Conservation Areas. 

The document section contains the Conservation Area Appraisals that have been carried out in East Dunbartonshire to describe the historical significance and townscape character of each area. They also identify ongoing conservation issues and set out proposals for future management.

Townscape Protection Areas

Townscape Protection Areas cover locations that the Council recognise as being of heritage value and have a valued character and features which are worthy of keeping, but which are not considered at the time of designation to merit Conservation Area status.

Further information can be found in the Historic Environment guidance note, which supports the Local Development Plan. You can see the extent of Conservation Areas and Townscape Protection Areas in the Local Development Plan Proposals Map.