Your Housing News

The 'Your Housing News' report details performance information on a range of service areas that we have reported on for a number of years, as well as some Scottish Social Housing Charter indicators which have been set out by the Scottish Housing Regulator.  

The Scottish Social Housing Charter is a way of monitoring how social landlords are performing and meeting customer expectations. The Charter sets out the standards and outcomes that all social landlords should aim to achieve when performing their everyday housing activities. 

At the heart of the Charter is delivering good customer service and meeting customer expectations, something that we are committed to at East Dunbartonshire Council. The Charter aims to improve upon quality and standards of service across all social landlords. This will be achieved by customers having a clear idea of what they can expect from their landlords. These outcomes have been decided on in consultation with tenants.  

If you would like further information about the report please contact the Housing Strategy and Development Team on 0300 12345610.

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