Scheme of assistance

Home Owners and the Private Rented Sector

This page contains information relating to the advice and practical assistance available to owners, landlords and occupiers of private rented accommodation in East Dunbartonshire.

Scheme of Assistance for Homeowners and the Private Rented Sector

As part of the implementation of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, we have developed a Scheme of Assistance for occupiers of private sector housing who may become involved in property repair, improvement or adaptation.


The underlying principles of the Act are:
  • Owners have primary responsibility for maintaining their houses, with assistance available where necessary
  • Landlords should provide houses that are suitable and in good condition
Part 2 (Section 72) of the 2006 Act requires local authorities to set out the circumstances in which they will offer support in the form of a Scheme of Assistance which details how the Council will provide and prioritise particular types of information, advice, practical and financial assistance to people living in the private sector.
The Council has prioritised within its Scheme of Assistance, disabled adaptations, mixed tenure re-roofing works for flatted properties, and dwellings which fail to meet the tolerable standard.  If you feel you require an adaptation to be made to your home you should contact The Council’s Occupational Therapy Service on 0141 355 2200.  If you would like to discuss re-roofing or BTS works then please contact The Council’s Private Sector Officer on 0141 578 8255/0141 574 5611.
The information contained in the Private Sector Housing Handbook sets out the Council’s preliminary advice for owners, landlords and occupiers of private rented accommodation concerned with the repair, improvement and adaptation of their property.