Housing information and advice

Properties that become vacant are allocated to people on our waiting list, which we call the Common Housing Register. The Council has three lists which we allocate vacant properties from:
⦁ Waiting List (points) 
⦁ Transfer List (points) 
⦁ Homelessness List (date order) 
To enhance your housing prospects we would encourage you to apply to other housing providers, register on homehunt and consider assistance from our Deposit Guarantee Scheme.  Further information is available within our Housing Option Guide
To arrange a Housing Options appointment with our Homelessness and Prevention Team please contact us on 0300 123 4510

Add your voice, help us improve services…..

Would you like to help improve social landlord services in Scotland? The National Panel is one of the ways that the Scottish Housing Regulator can hear from people who use social landlord services

More Information for the Scottish Housing Regulator National Panel