Care of Gardens Service

Care of Gardens

The Council provides a garden maintenance service which runs from April to October each year and is available to residents of East Dunbartonshire who meet the qualifying criteria.  To qualify for the Care of Gardens service, applicants must live in East Dunbartonshire and:

  • Be part of a household where all members are aged 75 years or over


  • Be part of a household where none of the adults (aged 16-74) are physically able to maintain the garden due to a diagnosed medical condition.  Please note: the application process will require details of the medical conditions of those household members to ensure this criteria is met.

What’s Included In The Service

The following tasks are provided as part of the service:



  • Cutting lawns and edges
  • Removing cuttings

On seven occasions (once every calendar month)

  • Applying herbicide to paths and driveways
  • Trimming hedges up to 5ft/1.5m in height

On two occasions

The following tasks are NOT provided as part of this service:

  • Maintenance of borders
  • Cutting old vegetable plots and overgrown areas
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Cutting hedges above 5ft/1.5m
  • Removal of rubbish or garden waste

Cost Of The Service

This year the cost of the full service is £187.00 for a standard garden, and £233.67 for a large garden (including VAT).  If customers join the service after 25 March 2024, the cost will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, and a late joining fee of £28 will be charged.

Late applications can be lodged up to the end of 31 May 2024.  After this date any applications will not be accepted for the fiscal year 2024/2025.

Customers will be issued with an invoice once the application has been approved. Invoices are payable immediately and details of payment methods are displayed on the invoice.

How To Apply For The Service

To receive the service, please apply via one of the following routes:-

  • By completing the online application in the Forms section on this page
  • By telephoning the Council on 0300 1234510 where an agent will complete the form for you, or
  • By visiting one of the Council’s Community Hubs where an agent will complete the form for you.

Additional Information

Please be advised that:

  • The service may not be provided on the same date/day every month
  • Attendance cannot be arranged to suit individual householders' needs
  • Work will be carried out by Council employees
  • A list of frequently asked questions is available in the other links section of this page.