Fly-posting Information

It is Council policy that fly posting and sandwich boards can be removed immediately to improve the appearance of streets, roadside verges, footways and pedestrian precincts. As well as remove distractions and potential hazards to motorists and pedestrians.  This initiative was created to address the increase of fly-posting and sandwich boards. This is spoiling the visual amenity of  streets, roadside verges, footways and pedestrian precincts.

There are many different types of fly posting. For this initiative fly posting will be defined as non permitted display of any item such as a poster, banner, A board (sandwich board) placard or estate agent “to let” board.

Fly posting can have a number of negative effects on the community. As well as being a hazard to pedestrians, particularly the partially sighted or disabled, it can make streets and other public spaces look neglected. The atmosphere that this creates also has implications for trade, tourism and investment in the surrounding area. It can also have affects on road safety, mainly at corner locations and roundabouts where it can be a distraction or interfere with a motorist’s line of sight. Above all else, it represents a commercially driven defacement of the local area.

Please report any fly-posting by filling out this webform. We will investigate and take action where possible. We aim to remove fly-posting within 3 working days.

For further information please read our FAQ's.