Vehicle emissions

Engine Idling 

As part of our commitment to improve air quality in East Dunbartonshire, the Council launched its Breathe Easier campaign on 6 March 2023, urging motorists to turn off their engines when their cars are parked.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to -

Be Healthier – By turning off your engine you can reduce pollutants known to cause harm to people, especially children.  We all breathe easier when you turn your engine off)  Save Money – You can lower the cost of your fuel bills by switching off your car engine when stationary.  We all breathe easier when you turn your engine off.)  Protect the Environment – Car fumes contain harmful gasses that contribute to climate change.  We all breathe easier when you turn your engine off.

During the two-week campaign an adbike trailer will visit primary schools across the area promoting the benefits of turning car engines off whilst vehicles are parked.

3 men standing beside the adbike trailer showing brethe easier turn your engine off

In addition, a radio advertising campaign will run on Radio Clyde and social media advertising will be posted on the Council’s social media channels.

Throughout the year our Environmental Health Officers carry out routine patrols and report that the majority of motorists in East Dunbartonshire do not run their car engines whilst they are stopped. If they do come across a stationary vehicle with its engine running, they will ask the motorist to turn the engine off.  Anyone who fails to turn off their engine when requested to do so by an authorised officer may be issued with a £20 fine (rising to £40) if unpaid after 28 days.

This legislation does not apply to vehicles;

  • in car parks or private ground
  • stopped at traffic lights
  • in slow moving traffic
  • under test or repair
  • defrosting a windscreen in cold weather
  • refrigerated vehicles that require the engine to be running to operate.

If you have any enquiries or would like to report an engine idling offence, please contact: or call 0300 123 4510.​​​​​

Vehicle Emission Testing

Vehicle exhaust fumes are the main contributing factor to local air pollution levels and contain many substances which are harmful to health.

Officers from this council acting in partnership with other local authorities carry out roadside vehicle emission testing to help improve air quality within East Dunbartonshire. 

This quick test may require you to rev your engine. This should not damage an engine regularly serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. If for any reason this should not be carried out on your vehicle please notify the technician.

Should your vehicle fail this first test, a further full test will be carried out.

Should your vehicle fail the full test you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £60 (rising to £90 if not paid within 28 days). This fixed penalty may be waived if you demonstrate that the fault has been rectified within 14 days and that the vehicle now complies with the law.

Further information on the above issues can be found on our pollution webpage or by contacting the Environmental Health team.