Immigration Property Inspection

Apply for a property inspection

Our Environmental Health Service can conduct housing immigration inspections if you have a person coming to the UK to stay in your home.

You can apply for an inspection if:

  • you are the sponsor of the person(s) coming to the UK
  • the property does not share a bathroom or kitchen with another household, unless they are from the same family as the person(s) coming to the UK
  • you can provide a current gas safety certificate from the landlord if it is a rented home
  • the property is safe, in a good state of repair and has suitable kitchen and bathroom facilities. 
  • The home must be compliant with new fire safety regulations for interlinked detection alarms.
  • the property you intend to live in is owned, or lived in exclusively by you and your family (applications received for rented accommodation that is shared with members of another family will not be accepted)

Please email the Environmental Health team for advice.  A fee for inspection will be paid on application (£135.00) and cannot be returned if the house does not meet the necessary standards required. 

Application payments can be made online

*Please navigate to ‘Miscellaneous’ then ‘Environmental Health – Certificate Charges’ and select ‘Visa Application Housing Inspection’ and complete the form.

Alternative payment options are available