Dog fouling


Dog fouling in a public or communal place is an offence.  If your dog fouls in an open space for example pavements, in parks, fields, canal banks and long grass or in closes, back gardens and stairs you must clean it up.  We provide waste bins in many parks and public spaces.  You can also put bagged dog waste in your domestic refuse bin.  We also provide biodegradable poo bags free of charge and these are available from the Community Hubs.

The Community Safety Team deals with persistent dog fouling  problems and conduct investigations. They tackle issues of dog fouling through enforcement patrols and education. Areas are identified by the team where dog fouling is prevalent. By increasing patrols, leafleting households, ensuring there are sufficient waste bins, and erecting 'No Dog Fouling' signs we aim to reduce the problem.  

Persistent dog fouling issues and dog mess clean ups and waste bins are dealt with by different teams.  Please complete the appropriate form to ensure your request is directed to the correct team.  

Report a dog fouling problem

You can report a dog fouling problem and request an investigation using the dog fouling report form.

Request dog mess clean up, additional bins or bin emptying

You can request dog mess clean up, additional bins or bin emptying by completing the litter picking and street cleaning report form. 

Risk of fine

We operate a zero tolerance policy against dog fouling.  Failing to pick up immediately after a dog is an offence and those caught will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice under the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003.

Further information

For more information on your responsibilities as a dog owner and the law please contact the Community Safety Team using the general enquiry form.