Your Council Tax Online FAQs

Your Council Tax Online is a new service that allows you to view and manage your Council Tax account online. 

Frequently ask questions:

I need to enter an online key but don't have one. Where is it?

Online keys are printed on all bills and notices, such as reminders. You need to use the one shown on your latest bill or notice. This is a security measure to ensure that taxpayers can only access their records. If you can't find your key, contact the Council Tax section who will send a new bill with a new key.

The name shown on the bill is incorrect e.g. misspelt. What do I enter?

Enter the name as it appears on your annual Council Tax Bill this is the bill you receive each March. You can correct your name by selecting Account Details on the Council Tax Online home page.

I have input the address correctly but I am getting a message saying it cannot be found

Make sure you enter the property address as shown on the bill. This should be the address for which Council Tax is being charged. Check you have left a space between the first and second part of the post code and input the correct start of the address e.g. if the bill shows ‘Flat G/01 19’ then entering just '19' in the Number field will bring back all the properties with ‘19’ at that post code. You would then select your flat.

If reporting a move into East Dunbartonshire, is the property within the East Dunbartonshire Council area? If you are unsure if the property is in East Dunbartonshire then you can check the Scottish Assessors website at

I have put in all my details but I am getting this message

You need to input your full first name as shown on your annual bill? If there is no first name  eg Mr  Smith the Council Tax Online Service cannot verify your record. Please contact Council Tax to have your full name updated on our records.

Ensure you have entered the full 11 digit Council Tax reference number, if your reference number ends in ‘X’ this must be input as a capital letter.

If you need to enter an online key check you have entered the correct one taking care with characters that can be confused eg the number '0' and the letter 'O'

I have tried everything but I am still having problems

If you are still having difficulties please send details of what you were trying to do and, if possible, screen prints to or telephone 0300 123 4510 and ask for the Council Tax section.