Your Council Tax Online FAQs

Your Council Tax Online is a new service that allows you to view and manage your Council Tax account online. 

Frequently ask questions:

What is myaccount?

myaccount lets you use different online public sector services with one username and password. You can find more information at myaccount -

Do I need a myaccount?

You will need a myaccount if you want to be able to view your Council Tax account online.

I did not receive an activation email?

Check to make sure the email has not gone into your junk or spam folder.

I cannot remember my username or password?

There are links available on the myaccount sign in page if you have forgotten your username or password.

When I try to register my Council Tax account I receive an error message saying my details do not match?

You need to make sure the details match exactly on your most recent Council Tax bill even if we have misspelt your name. When you have registered you will be able to amend your name.

You must also only use the first 10 digits of your Council Tax account number as shown on your bill.

What is the online reference key?

The online reference key is a series of numbers and letters printed on your bill.  You will need to use the online reference key printed on your most recent bill. If you are unable to find your latest bill or if there is an issue with your online reference key email for a new bill.

It says I have not completed a sufficient amount of security questions?

You need to answer a minimum of 2 questions.

The online reference key is a mandatory requirement needed for registration. This will be located on your most recent bill.

You will also need to complete one of the following:

Current postcode of the property

Last three digits of a telephone number you have (This is any mobile, work, or home telephone number the Council Tax department has registered to your name)

Last three digits of your bank account number (This will be the bank account details supplied if you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit)

There is more than one liable person for Council Tax, why can I not see their name?

The online service is for individual use. If there is more than one liable person they will need to create their own account if they wish to update their details.

What are online bills/paperless billing?

Online bills are an electronic version of our paper bill. The format is slightly different to our paper bill but you can still use our electronic bill for identification purposes.

Online billing reduces the amount of paper we use. If you sign up to the service we will send you an email to let you know when a new bill is available.

How up to date is the information provided?

Your online account provides ‘real time’ information however some changes may need to be assessed by one of our officers and may not show right away.

Where can I see my payments and the payments I need to make?

If you click on ‘account activity’ under popular services this will show a breakdown of your account. There is a dropdown box that you can use to select a different Council Tax year.

How do I make a payment?

If you click on the link ‘make a payment’ under popular services this will take you to our payments page.

How do I contact you about my account?

If your enquiry is not urgent you can send a message by clicking the link ‘contact us about your account’ under popular services. If your enquiry is urgent please phone us on 0141 578 8190.

Why have I received an error when I submitted a change?

There could be an issue with the information or dates provided which cannot be processed. What has been provided will be reviewed by one of our officers and we may contact you if we require any further information.

Contact us if you require further assistance or have any questions.