Changes in circumstances

Changes in circumstances

If you receive any Council Tax discounts or exemptions you must tell us if your circumstances change.

You should tell us when someone:

  • moves in to your home
  • turns 18
  • stops being a student or 
  • moves into a house after a period of unoccupied and unfurnished relief.

If you don’t tell us about changes to your circumstances you could be:

  • Charged a £50 penalty
  • Forced to repay the discount

How do I tell you that I have moved house?

You can advise us of this via our council tax online site or by email to This will let us calculate your final Council tax bill for your old house. If you stay in East Dunbartonshire we can also set your Council Tax up for the new house.

You should also inform the Electoral registration office [opens in a new window] so they can update their records.

How do I tell you that the adult composition of my household has changed? (eg if someone moves in or out or becomes 18).

You can do this by emailing: or visiting any of our community hubs. Changes to the number of people over 18 in a house can affect Council Tax Reduction.

How do I tell you that someone has died to find out how this impacts my council tax liability?

You need to contact the Council Tax Team by email or phone 0141 578 8190 and we will gather all the information we need.